There are many reasons to implement a smart agriculture solution into commercial and local farming. They are not mandated to go to the mandi. Analyzing production quality and results in correlation to treatment can teach farmers to adjust processes to increase quality of the product. It simply mean that Nigeria should stop depending on revenue from crude oil. In the example of rice that we did, Nigeria government can turn the importation of rice (if rice production in increased) into an income. As a matter of fact, it has direct impact on economic development outside of the agricultural sector. While Nigeria depend mainly in the exportation of crude oil, recent happenings in the oil industry should make us think twice. If not, the likes of Bill gate (world’s richest man) and Larry Ellison (CEO of the global computer technology, Oracle) will not venture into the agriculture business. Also, the economy of your country depend on some of the benefits derived from farming. What are the Importance of Agriculture and its role in our society? More professional agencies would step in to certify and grade produce.

Capital formation is a term used to describe the net capital accumulation during an accounting period for a particular country, and the term refers to additions of capital stock, such as equipment, tools, transportation assets and electricity. Decisions can be made in real-time and from anywhere. Food high in Carbohydrates are bread, pasta, beans, potatoes, rice, and cereals. To begin with, let us look at other income generating sector to the Nigeria economy. How can we reduce poverty in rural areas? Smallholder farmers, particularly, need supply chain efficiencies — from better matching of supply and demand to lower volatility on pricing, and superior cold storage. These technologies include using environmentally sound and sustainable farming methods, such as no-till agriculture, and sophisticated equipment, including biotechnology. Technology in agriculture produces benefits for small-scale farms and national farming operations alike.

An increase in the provision of food and raw materials (as mentioned above); Empowerment to the rural people which in turn bring out the importance of agriculture; in other words, it will encourage them; Increase in exportation of agricultural products; and, Capital formation is a term used to describe the net capital accumulation during an accounting period for a particular country, and the term refers to additions of capital stock, such as equipment, tools, transportation assets and electricity. Early farmers domesticated cereals, fruits, vegetables and animals. Because of the fact that the demand for agricultural product is high, countries producing them can reap from the benefits. While statistics from world bank website on employment in agriculture shows a great decline in the Nigeria agriculture sector; at the same time, it made it clear that there are great employment opportunities for people looking for jobs. Within the agricultural sectors, there are many opportunities for our youths. In Nigeria, the main occupation of many is agriculture; although, the discovery of crude oil has made many to abandon this occupation.

All conservation efforts such as water usage and increased production per land unit directly affect the environmental footprint positively.

Agriculture plays a significant role to both human and economy of a nation; that is to say, it is the backbone of a nation’s economy. In fact, statistics has shown that many Nigeria youth are now practicing one type of agriculture or the other. For example, agriculture needs constructions of various infrastructures such as good drainage and irrigation systems, These systems are important in the agriculture sector; therefore, its construction and maintenance are equally important too. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Agriculture is the cultivation and breeding of animals, plants and fungi for food, fiber, biofuel, medicinal plants and other products used to sustain and enhance life. By increasing agriculture output, Nigeria as a country will increase its capital formation. The small farmer is so small that he cannot command anything. If this is very important to the people is our rural areas, then what impact does it have on the urban population? The new Farm Bills are set to benefit marginal farmers, who constitute 80 percent of Indian agriculture.

In the light of this, I can tell you that there are various business opportunities in Nigeria when it comes to agriculture; that is to say, it leads the way on business and investment opportunities. In addition to providing food and raw material, it also provides employment opportunities to very large percentage of the population.

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