The monument creates a visual illusion: viewed from some perspectives, it appears as a single dome, but from other perspectives it appears as a split dome. Heat gain was forecasted, and ventilation openings were made in the dome to ensure it does not affect the steel structure inside. All these studies and research efforts by the contractor contributed to the timelessness of the monument because when viewed within Baghdad’s urban context, it gave the impression that it was recently built. Round City is an international digital magazine that provides the latest news and stories from the worlds of architecture, design, construction and art. Commissioned by Saddam Hussein’s regime as a memorial for the fallen soldiers in … On the platform sits a 40-meter tall[10] split turquoise dome, which resembles the domes of the Abbasid era. Monuments can also have a transformative impact on their location through planning, on people by reflecting shared aspirations, and on culture through meaning. During the 1970s and 1980s, Saddam Hussein's government spent a lot of money on new monuments, which included the al-Shaheed Monument. The idea was Al-Shaheed’s relation to the city and the persistent visuals of it from different points further set the tone for those arriving to the structure’s premises. Al-Shaheed Monument sits in close proximity to Baghdad’s old centre as well as its most densely populated area. The dyke’s representations are several as mentioned by the designers in their design report, but the most noticeable is its abstraction of the battlefield context. After a long presentation in Kuwait City we won the 1st prize and the monument was built in Shuhada Park, Kuwait City. Get a round-up of all our stories published during the past week delivered to your email every Saturday. The monument contains two other elements, which are located below the platform: the dyke and the name stones. As with many other landmark sites occupied by the US forces, Al-Shaheed Monument fell into disrepair and was greatly damaged due to the heavy military use. the Iran-Iraq War. Unfortunately, these works did not appreciate the integrated effort and they lacked architectural and artistic understanding. In 1980, Mitsubishi’s studies of the dome and its planned cladding changed the use of tiling materials from gold-plated tiles to blue ceramic tiles backed with a carbon fiber reinforced concrete. It is 15km away from Salmiya where I was staying. A national Regardless of their aesthetic qualities (or lack thereof), these buildings either attempted to investigate the modernisation of an architectural element in an approach similar to Al-Shaheed’s or were direct copies, which is a testimony to its impact on the architectural and artistic community. Planned and built under Saddam Hussein, the Please use another browser for the best experience with our site. Read more about the reasons behind the change of dome cladding from gold plated tiles to ceramic in Al-Shaheed Monument, Part I. Interestingly, the blue tiles are not only one shade of blue. Read More. uncovering the historical timeline in part I, it is the giving of oneself for and idea of a. Typing a term in the Research bar performs an anywhere search. The second below ground element is the name stones. The creativity, design approach and overall aesthetic of Al-Shaheed monument became a source of inspiration to a number of public buildings in Iraq. Thus, each of the dome panels comprises around 30 tiles in six different tints of blue arranged randomly, giving the dome undeniable “Iraqiness” through the unique blue colour. gallery, and support facilities. Additionally, some elements have disappeared, such as the bronze wreath that once surrounded the flag sculpture and an imposing swimming pool was dug for the leisure of forces occupying the monument. It is difficult to imagine how the serene curves of the Al Shaheed Monument, reflected in a glimmering lake in the ancient city of Baghdad, could have been built in a time of conflict and genocide.

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