His Winged Avenger can instantly KO'd one of your teammates. His damage stat is deceptively low, but his passive gives him a 25% damage boost and causes all his basics and specials to crit for 10 seconds when he falls below 40% health, allowing his s2, Lazarus Lockdown, to do over 12000 damage. This was a poor choice since even Credits take a while to pile up and you need a ton of them when a new batch of Heroes arrives. They also give 1000+ power credits each and only requiring 2 bars of energy, making it an excellent place to grind for credits. Upgrade those first and focus on them rather than the Talents early on because they are more cost-effective. ‘Injustice 2’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, ‘Survival Arena’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know, ‘Injustice 2’ (Mobile): Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Learn how your comment data is processed. You will hit a wall in the single player campaign relatively fast. His passive, Venom Rage, gives him 25% increased damage for 6 seconds when he falls under 40% health (signified by a red glow), allowing for a dangerous burst of damage. The second to the last page in the game! Battle 36 is the first battle, and gives an interesting twist that distinguishes it from all of the single player stages you've gone through so far. Battle 18 has the "random enemies" handicap: you can't see who your opponents until you enter the match, and they change every time. • Send characters on Operations all across the globe for real world amounts of time to quickly level them up and earn more rewards faster. Battle 31 maybe one of the most frustratingly luck-based battle yet: Chaos (random tag in/out), regeneration (enemies regenerate health) and random enemies. Focus on completing objectives first DC Comics' heroes and super villains are heading back into the arena for Injustice 2. Be very careful even if you are using super moves, since even 75% of your super move can smack off 2/3 of your health bar. Powered by. There is also a chance for you to fight against only 2 enemies in the fight(s) with mystery opponents in Bonus Battle 6. While the Red Son Pack is generally considered the best way to advance over all, it is not a permanent pack (and its 400,000 credits price tag is not very feasible right now even though it is very cost efficient); if it is not available, try your luck at the discounted Gold Booster Pack for 75,000 credits. Regime Sinestro becomes far less an issue. Solomon Grundy Regime is particularly useful here if you are given him (bronze cards are not worth purchasing at this stage); not only does he have very high base health for a bronze card, his passive allows him to instantly regenerate 25% of his maximum health, negating any overran damage (e.g. with her damage boost or drag the fight far too long than the timer would allow. However, it should only take a couple Way of the Bats to wear him down. Knock out those Achievements, too. A slight hidden advantage of Super Moves is that the timer doesn't run during a super but it will run - a lot - during a special, but you really shouldn't take that long. It is difficult to win some fights without a team that meets their level at bare minimum, especially for new and inexperienced players. Injustice Mobile Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Nightwing fight is slightly more challenging as they frequently power drain at almost every opportunity and are stronger, so it is recommended you have a decoy card (remember, it is not very hard for the first few fights. if he only has 10 health left and takes a 1000 damage hit, it won't transfer to his regenerated 25% health), and both of Regime Bane's specials does one hit. The green tick indicates that battle has been completed. One useful strategy is, if you're fortunate enough to have a character with a strong combo ender like The Arkham Knight, Deadshot, or Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight, you can equip them with Ra's Al Ghul's Scimitar and instantly start power draining Batman so he cannot use an SP2. Note that as a boss card, he can use Heat Vision or Freeze Breath (stops you from taking any action for a few seconds if not blocked) with 1 bar of power. Heroes can also have multiple Talents, based on the number of stars they have. Battle 10 (the third battle in Area 2) is the first to have a handicap (other than "Power Surge", which gives both teams faster power generation), Dampening Field, which causes your team (but not the AI team) to generate power at a decreased rate, making the fight a tedious drag, which is the first roadblock in Area 2. One way to counter this is to swipe or tap before the match begins to get a head start (not fully fool-proof). So these would be our tips and tricks for Injustice 2 Mobile. Solomon Grundy instantly regains 50% of his maximum health on first knock out, Prison Superman regenerates 30% of his maximum health over 6 seconds when he falls under 40% for the first time, and Insurgency Harley Quinn has the same s2 like all other Harleys, which can make her teammates much more dangerous (Prison Superman's s2 Unstoppable can hit over 12000!) Tech characters are strong against Might characters, but weak against Meta characters. The characters on Battles 50, 51 and 52 are promoted to EVII, EVIII and EIX, respectively, but starting on Battle 53 onwards, ALL CHARACTERS ARE ELITE X (not to mention that starting at this point and on the following battles, characters are gradually rocketing past Level 50), and upon reaching the last fight on Battle 55 up to the very last fight on Bonus Battle 8, ALL CHARACTERS ARE ELITE X AND LEVEL 60! Bonus Battle 7 is the fastest and easiest way to level up characters when they reached Level 46, and also Levels 50 to 54 (or 55?) Battle 42 is the final stage of Area 6. Always mix up your attacks, tag in another character when your current hero’s low on health and pull off your super attack as soon as it becomes available. For example, if your super does 5000 damage, pop it when he is about half health. Injustice 2 Mobile has finally been launched on Android and iOS! With a damage stat of 2349, he can potentially hit up to around 1500 with his special 1 and 4500 with his special 2. It is not very difficult for LV40 E0/E1 golds, and can pretty much make it solo for the first few fights. Completing it for the first time yields Regime Catwoman and 1380 credits (4110 total including the first log in bonus and the tutorial). Regime Bane is the first silver card encountered. Use the XP Capsules you’ve collected through regular play and level up the best star heroes to a decent level. This can get quite difficult: Regime Nightwing takes halved damage from basic attacks, his s1 power drains, Regime Bane's passive gives him a lethal spike of damage and Regime Green Lantern gives him entire team significantly faster power generation. You will be against a large slew of very high powered bosses, the first being Regime Sinestro with a massive 54K health. Train your second gold card to level 20 and try to stall long enough for both of your golds to use their super moves on him. Therefore, logging in as often as possible throughout the day is recommended, even if you don’t have time to actually play the game. Phase 4 Raid Strategy! Upon reaching 40% health, his passive activates, causing him to take halved damage for several seconds, so save your heavy hits. If he does this with two bars of power, this would almost spell certain death. Battle 16 is all about fast power generation; the first fight contains both Knightfall Bane and Regime Cyborg. The former's main danger comes in the form of his second special, Thundering Dropkick, which can also do over 3000 damage (in addition to looking and sounding cool), and that his passive, Venom Overdose, gives him vastly increased power generation for 6 seconds when he drops below 40% health.

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