...you'll find more products in the shopping cart. Application # 1. Micro-propagation: The importance of these developments for the forestry sector is considerable, particu­ larly since forestry science has not received the kinds of technical and R&D inputs that, say, agriculture has received in the past few decades. Agricultural biotech­ nology is the area of biotechnology involving applica­ tions to agriculture. Please review prior to ordering, ebooks can be used on all reading devices, Immediate eBook download after purchase It was against this backdrop that the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) or­ ganised a major international workshop on the "Applications of Biotechnology in For­ estry and Horticulture" at New Delhi in January 1988. One of the widest applications of biotechnology has been in the area of tissue culture and micro propagation in particular. The following points highlight the four main applications of biotechnology in agriculture:- 1. Applications of Biotechnology in Agriculture mainly involves scientific techniques such as Genetically Modified Organisms, Bt Cotton, and Pest Resistant Plants. Editors: Biotechnology is the application of scientific techniques to modify and improve plants, animals, and microor­ ganisms to enhance their value. Production of Somatic Hybrids 4. The integration of biotechnology into the field of agriculture makes the better use of limited resources, increases production, and reduces the use of pesticides and insecticides on crops. Applications of biotechnology in agriculture. We have a dedicated site for USA. Induction and Selection of Mutant 3. Springer is part of, Please be advised Covid-19 shipping restrictions apply. Production of Transgenic Plants. Major and exciting changes have taken place recently in various aspects of bio­ technology and its applications to forestry. enable JavaScript in your browser. The present volume covers the proceedings of this international workshop. Institutional customers should get in touch with their account manager, Institutional customers should get in touch with their account manager, Usually ready to be dispatched within 3 to 5 business days, if in stock, The final prices may differ from the prices shown due to specifics of VAT rules. The major areas of biotechnology which can be adopted for improvement of horticultural crops are –. CYBER DEAL: 50% off all Springer eBooks | Get this offer! (gross), © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Y ct the problems of defor­ estation as well as stagnation in yields and productivity of existing forests throughout the world are becoming increasingly apparent, with consequences and ecological ef­ fects that cause growing worldwide concern. It seems that you're in USA. What is biotechnology, and how is it used in agriculture? It helps in modifying plants, animals, and microorganisms and improves their agricultural productivity. price for Spain Even more exciting is the prospect of major innovations that the entire field of biotechnology holds for plant growth in general. Techniques like vaccines, “The road to national economy recovery would traverse through measures like Policy support to unconventional strategies, leveraging into new international partnerships in important sectors of Agriculture, Electronics, Health, ICT and Manufacturing and providing new technology stimulus”, he added. Applications in Horticulture and Forestry Micropropagation In recent years, the application of micropropagation techniques as an alternative mean of asexual propagation of important plants has increased the interest of workers in various field. Policies for application of existing knowl­ edge in biotechnology to the field of forestry and priorities for future research and development are, therefore, of considerable value, because it is only through the adop­ tion of the right priorities and enlightened policies that scientific developments will move along the right direction, leading to improvements in forestry practices through­ out the world. Applications of Biotechnology in Forestry, Applications of Biotechnology in Forestry and Rural Development, Forestry in India: Problems, Prospects and the Role of Tissue Culture, Forest Tree Breeding and Mass Cloning for Tree Improvement in Indian Forestry, Biotechnological Application of Plant Tissue Culture to Forestry in India, In Vitro Strategies for Tropical Fruit Tree Improvement, The Context and Strategies for Tissue Culture of Date, African Oil and Coconut Palms, In Vitro Strategies for Sandalwood Propagation, Micropropagation of Ficus Auriculata Lour, Genetic Variation in Tissue Culture as a Consequence of the Morphogenic Process, Performance Criteria in Response Surfaces for Metabolic Phenotypes of Clonally Propagated Woody Perennials, Alteration of Growth and Morphogenesis by Endogenous Ethylene and Carbon Dioxide in Conifer Tissue Cultures, Storage of Forest Tree Germplasm at Sub-Zero Temperatures, Acclimatization of Tissue Culture-Raised Plants for Transplantation to the Field, Large-Scale Production of Plants through Micropropagation: Problems, Prospects and Opportunities for India, Micropropagation and Nodulation of Tree Legumes, Ectomycorrhizal Effects on Nodulation, Nitrogen Fixation and Growth of Alnus Glutinosa as Affected by Glyphosate, Genetic Transformation System in Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii, Biological and Economic Feasibility of Genetically Engineered Trees for Lignin Properties and Carbon Allocation.

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