St. Paul feels that he has so given himself up to Christ that the ruling power in him is no longer self but Christ. 2. H. Spurgeon.Luther's motto was, Vivit Christus, Christ liveth. She did not talk of policemen and prison; she wanted to bring the innocent one before him, as much as to say, "Will you make a thorny couch for this little one to lie upon? It is something that we all experience. Sin and grace cannot co-exist any more than life and death. J. Muir, M. (Thomas Jones. 5. But when we come to Calvary and reach out to the dying Christ, entering into his experience by faith and vivid sympathy, the old self receives its mortal wounds. Stanford, D. D.)ParadoxesT. THE TREE OF LIFE AFFORDS THE ANTIDOTE TO SIN.1. )An idyll of the Divine lifeA. Sin will not have dominion over us. To stand still in the course of nature is to die. I am beholden to Christ. This was, in essence, heresy!Whatever else we can say about Peter, he was dodging the message of the cross! We never act nobly in anything, till we live the life of faith.3. )Sharing Christ's CrossBishop Hall.We must have our part with Christ in every part of His Cross. "Well," I say, "I don't doubt that; it's rather a common thing to happen," and I don't think anything more about it. (Principal Fairbairn. )Strong in ChristThomas Jones.Plant the tenderest sapling in the ground, and all the elements of nature shall minister to its wants. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me. Our justification.2. Because whatever is ascribed to faith, redounds to the honour of Christ. He suffered so much from his hands, that when his great heart was full, and he longed to dash off a missionary letter, he was unable to hold a pen. He lived by faith (see John 5:19, John 5:30;John 6:57;John 8:28; and John 14:10). (2) In person. B. Pope, D. D., Surinnock.This is a striking" point of. I have not a farthing of mine own. First we live by faith, and then by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). THE TREE OF LIFE AFFORDS THE ANTIDOTE TO SIN.1. Now I knew who I was—someone in whom the Lord Jesus had come to dwell. 2:20, “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. This is found also in saints (Romans 7:23, 24). Our justification.2. )LinksGalatians 2:20 NIVGalatians 2:20 NLTGalatians 2:20 ESVGalatians 2:20 NASBGalatians 2:20 KJVGalatians 2:20 Bible AppsGalatians 2:20 ParallelGalatians 2:20 Biblia ParalelaGalatians 2:20 Chinese BibleGalatians 2:20 French BibleGalatians 2:20 German BibleGalatians 2:20 CommentariesBible Hub, (c)Every believer may comfort himself that having died with Christ he shall not die again. B. Pope, D. D., Surinnock.This is a striking" point of. When the force that raised the mountain to its height had ceased, that moment the mountain began to sink again; when the tree stops growing it begins to decay; when the human body has attained its perfection, when the tide of growth has reached its highest mark, it begins to recede. Adams. Faith now serves instead of sight and fruition (Hebrews 11:1).(T. From this life, as an inexhaustible fountain, the believer draws to the supply of his wants and fruitfulness in well doing.III. Even so you and I must take our turn at the wheel. 2. (b)Our real union with Christ makes His Cross and Passion ours. lie entered into our pain that we might enter into His peace. Its punishment, which is death eternal.II. II. )The progressiveness of the life of ChristThomas Jones.Man was made to grow. In a sense Paul no longer lived but Christ lived in Him. Distinct graces have their distinct offices. And the sun might add, I am the resurrection and the life; I raise the buried flowers and herbs from their graves, and cause them to live. This enthusiasm must BE MAINTAINED BY CONTINUED FAITH IN CHRIST.III. They are afraid to make Jesus absolute Lord. "(Bishop Hall. Because faith removes obstructions, and opens the passages of grace, that it may run more freely. Without faith, virtue would languish, our command over our passions be weak, and the back of patience quite broken, and our care of the-knowledge of Divine things very small.3. THE CHRISTIAN FEELS FREE to serve Christ enthusiastically BECAUSE CHRIST HAS BORNE THE PENALTY DUE TO SIN.VI. The life of justification. And in a measure she came in the spirit of the gospel; for the gospel comes to make us hate sin by showing that another suffered and died for it.(C. The other took his rose, enjoyed its perfume moderately, carried it in his hand for a while, then put it on the table in water, and hours after it was almost as fresh as when it was plucked from the bough. The life of justification. Conscience and Law fail to destroy the old life, though they reveal its hideous deformity. The question for you today is not only where Jesus lives in your life, but how He lives in your life. But even with what we can do, we will be stretched. THE BELIEVER'S LIFE IS A LIFE IN THE FLESH, BUT NOR ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF THE FLESH.(T. Who can always be calm and wise and bold, have a commanding presence, and secure a fascinated silence, when he always works in weakness, when pain is ever crashing through the sensibilities, when the smallest frictional touch can sting the life to agony. Paul was crucified with Christ. OUR JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH ALONE IS NO ENEMY, BUT A REAL FRIEND TO OUR SPIRITUAL LIFE. THE BELIEVER'S LIFE IS A LIFE IN THE FLESH, BUT NOR ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF THE FLESH.(T. )The immortality of life in ChristThomas Jones.The sun might say every morning in the spring, I am come that the earth may have life and have it more abundantly; I am come that the fields may grow, that the gardens and vineyards be more fruitful, that the beauty of the landscape may appear, that the dead may become alive, and the world be filled with joy. )Paul's estimate of the religion of ChristDean Stanley.The living Person in whom we trust, not the system of precepts which we follow, or of dogmas which we receive, is the centre of the Christian society. Everlasting blessedness.II. But the love of Christ was greater than this.(R. This enthusiasm must BE MAINTAINED BY CONTINUED FAITH IN CHRIST.III. )An idyll of the Divine lifeA. I am beholden to Christ. Can we help them at least get to someone who can help? Afflictions.2. But when the truth comes to me that eternal life is mine, and all the glories of heaven are mine, I begin to be interested.(Moody. ", He is the vine, we are the branches. Suppose a man should say to me: "Moody, there was a man in Europe who died last week, and left five million dollars to a certain individual." )Great loveR. 3. He is the OBJECT of it.(T. In his natural condition he is an unpardoned transgressor, and therefore in the law's eye as good as dead.

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