I trust what you said.but do I have to start again from day1 or can I just continue since its my day3 today..im worried I really want to lose my weight dear author. two onions soup mixes, and four cups v-8 juice. I m sure this time I will loose minimum 3-5 KG let s see. Why is fat bad? Do your best . How are you making it sour? In less than an hour, you can make five days of delicious, filling meals that your whole family will love: Copyright © Simplemost, All Rights Reserved. can i use enything else insted of greenpeppar. Thanks in advance, Hello… 1 cup of milk does not equal 1 cup of curd. 1) coconut water fine NEVER over drink water and never under do it. I am sorry for these many questions Keep going until the end, yes, hormones can certainly alter diet results unfortunately. I had chapaties, fruit(apple and orange) and tomatoes & cucmber on day 5th as brown rice was not available. I had warm water with honey, ACV and lemon in morning (250 ml). And finally I don’t like veg with my potato on day 2 can I have marrow fat peas? Is it okay or should I redo the diet some other day without it. soup mixes like that are junk food. Study it, how is irradiating your food good though? No one likes that! When we compare all the health benefits of white and red cabbages, the red ones are a clear winner. no one has answered about eating the soup on which day . Would you please let me know the fish soup for day 4. All of those foods have their own kind of gluten, a genius guy found out it mimics the protein molecule found in wheat and reacts the same with your thyroid. Hi, in wonder soup I don’t wanna use cabbage instead of that can I use cauliflower n broccoli or if u can suggest some other veggies that can be added that’ll be great. I am on day 3 and haven’t lost any weight, but the body seems to be in better shape. Hi today is my fourth day ending…i cant make wonder soup and now i am not opening knorr soup also after readin above..i have only eaten 5 banans and 3 cups of curd in whole day..i want to know 2 things..how much chicken can i eat on 5 th day..i mean like can i eat limited chicken 3 times a day and can we eat fruits or vege on 4th day..? I didn’t think my pot would hold all of the vegetables! I cannot drink pure milk. Thanks You. the potato day 2 needed fat like ghee or butter. IE nonetheless is the marketplace leader and a big component to other folks will miss your excellent writing because of Thank you so much for your reply.I will avoid paneer then. 1. Pick local veg that work. Hi again sorry to bother you.I am on my day 4 plan nd I feel light nd feeling good.I have below doubts. Sprouts should only be used in moderation but are post plan great to have. So, it is clear that red cabbages have more benefits over their white counterpart. On day 3 now, however, I am on veggies, fruits and wonder soup and there is no craving weakness etc. What was happening was people with thyroid issues go gluten free. I mean im goin to gym.. but I feel very tired .. “This diet is GREAT for the start of a real diet/eating plan,” the blogger writes. I have mentioned just in another post weight loss may vary for reasons such as hormones (ladies), underlying health issues like thyroid issues or high cortisol levels. Apple- 1- 8.30 am Will keep you all posted with my progress… Best of luck for everyone who is trying this diet! 4. plz!! Please Please answer my both questions as I am going to take it by tomorrow. as I donot want to faint. You can do some steamed veg instead of soup. 3) coriander great 14 oz. For example, on day one, you can only eat fruit, except for bananas. For fruits and all other meals I m OK w them I blv now I will loose more weight as I m drinking 10 glass water. I will wait till 7 days and check at the end.. Apple- 1- 5.45 pm zucchini, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, NO corn and NO peas. Will it vary the results. 9 cups water and 1 lemon. I am on day 3 and have not been hungry therefore have not made the soup. Thanks.. will post the results on Day 7.. hope to lose atleast a couple of kilos.. 1) No, they are not a veg, here I eat long green sprouts with no beans. 2 big tomattos well, if you have a thyroid issue you need to have a diet that focuses on healing the thyroid. 3. It is no doubt, fat FREE. Thank you for your help! P.S: You can have this soup on all days of the GM diet. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility problems? Vitaminc C is known for its awesome ability to boost our immunity system, apart from keeping our skin, teeth and bones strong. I have few doubts Wat to do?? pick another veg, just not avocado, corn or peas. Tnxs for d advise, if i donnot want celery and tomatoes, can give some list of vegis that i can include in my wonder soup? Thanks in advance. The ones that do the best is when they cut sugar and gluten in between plans. some veg is OK http://gmdietforums.com/forums/gm-diet-after-day-7.6/. The recipe is pretty straight forward and very easy to make. So if you feel full on water stop . Could you please clarify the below doubts, 1) For the Day 1:Can i have pear and apple? Hi , sorry just wanted to know if i can do the plan for the whole month,till i get the weight that i want or may be do the plan the full year as i am 40yr & 90+ on my weight.please advice. They are in their second week now, so I am not sure of the progress this time. According to a study published in the ‘European Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ in the year 2007, people who consumed at least 400gms of vegetables & 300gms of fruits per day lost more weight when compared with those who were put into restricted diet. I would like to enquire about your 7days diet meal plan. 5) No, unless you want to gain weight. Hello, Also, for day 5, 6 & 7, can chicken or fish be substituted instead of fish? Is that ok? ghee, grass fed butter, coconut oil or palm oil. can i take a bowl of cooked bottle gourd on day 2 of gm diet. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Likely you cannot but you have to test. Dinner – 1 Apple Hi I just made the soup. You sure can, just don’t use corn or peas…. I will wait for my reply and will poste my experiences later after 7th day. https://www.gmdietworks.com/general-motors-diet/gm-diet-vegetarian.html. WOW So after a gap of a week I have started d diet again and m on the second day now, but m confused if starting it again dis early might hamper my health, if not, will d diet work on me as effectively as the last time??? My grandma insisted on putting a bunch of water in it, is that okay? Just don’t nap right after a meal, would need to be an hour or so after at least. 3) Cut all bad fats. Also, can I eat sautéed tofu instead of beef? Nice job. On day 5, can i cook rice with smashed tomatoes, salt and chilli powder, to make it taste like tomato rice? 2) yes but just a little…. well did you weight? Day 1 seems a little skimpy. What type of rice does it matter? And that time I lost more than 5kgs. No, they are carb heavy, etc. and can i drink no added sugar juice on day 1, 2, 3. Does the timings hamper the weight loss?

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