Deb Hirt (author) from Stillwater, OK on January 20, 2016: Thanks, Alun. They spend time haranguing crows and hawks, if they are in the vicinity, then learn that it is in their best interests to move on, for a kingbird is relentless. Greater pewee. Dave from Lancashire north west England on July 18, 2013: Hi Deb, thank you once again for adding to my knowledge of the birds from your part of the world. Widespread in the Caribbean, this big flycatcher enters our area mainly in Florida. Acadian flycatcher. Other tyrant flycatchers. I've been having fun at the lake since the middle of March. summerberrie, flycatchers and kingbirds are in the same family, hence the resemblance. Connie Smith from Southern Tier New York State on August 01, 2012: It is great to see the differences in these two wonderful birds. Great crested flycatcher. Love seeing your birds! I always enjoy watching and reading your article. There will be more to come. It’s not called a kingbird for nothing. The Western Kingbird is found from the central states to the Pacific Coast and the southern perimeters of the western provinces in Canada into Mexico. Your Western Kingbird looks similar to our Great Crested Flycatcher. Birds are a great hobby for me. Your Western Kingbirds are really beautiful with their yellow underparts. Common and conspicuous in summer, it is often seen perched jauntily on a treetop or fence wire, or sallying out with shallow fluttering wingbeats to catch an insect in mid-air. Rather than learning their calls they probably perform them innately. When I take walks in the woods I love to hear these cool birds! Wait for it to sally out to catch an insect, and look for an all-white belly and white-tipped tail. Best wishes. Dusky-capped flycatcher. With dark gray upperparts and a neat white tip to the tail, the Eastern Kingbird looks like it’s wearing a business suit. Thanks for checking things out and stop by the blog for even more pictures, if you have time. Jim Higgins from Eugene, Oregon on July 24, 2012: Really great information and wonderful photographs. Their wintering ecology revolves around the timing of the fruiting of this particular tree. Berry bushes may help attract them, particularly in late summer and fall. With dark gray upperparts and a neat white tip to the tail, the Eastern Kingbird looks like it’s wearing a business suit. This gregarious beauty can be solitary, or appear in pairs. Greensleeves Hubs from Essex, UK on January 20, 2016: A nice collection of photos and accompanying descriptions of these birds you've put together here Deb. This gregarious beauty can be solitary, or appear in pairs. It is always good to be in contact with my northern friends. Deb Hirt (author) from Stillwater, OK on July 04, 2016: Hey, Siddharth! Richard Ricky Hale from West Virginia on July 24, 2012: Voted up and all across but funny. Similar to: Thick-billed Kingbird. The bird is predominantly dark gray with white underbelly and pointed wings. Their nests are generally close to water. Eastern kingbirds are conspicuous and are commonly found in open areas with scattered trees and bushes, where they perch while foraging for insects. In winter in South America it takes on a different personality, living in flocks in tropical forest and dining on berries. I also found their nest, which is why they have been hanging around this particular tree. I enjoy their presence immensely, and their Scissor-tailed Flycatcher relative will sometimes get into little territorial matches. Eastern kingbird. Deborah Neyens from Iowa on July 24, 2012: I love to watch the birds in my garden. sallieannluvslife from Eastern Shore on July 24, 2012: Oh My Goodness! I comend you on your passion for birds. Deb Hirt (author) from Stillwater, OK on July 25, 2012: I appreciate that, thelyricwriter. It will use utility lines and poles as common perches, even nest upon them.

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