As the last of your brothers board the Thunderhawk, Dorn takes one last look at the battlefield, and steps aboard wordlessly. Hooray?You are pure Crimson Fists – you get… slightly less than everything. The Iron Warriors fall before them like long grass to a scythe, the traitors' only recourse is to shell their own positions. It’ll still end up as a pretty close game, with most of that type of list running relatively light on units to take objectives.Corrode’s Crimson FistsArmy List - Click to expand Crimson Fists, 2,000 Points, 10 CP== Battalion Detachment == Crimson Fists [1,063pts] 5 CP HQ: Captain with jump pack, thunder hammer, storm shield – 143pts – Warlord: Imperium’s Sword HQ: Primaris Chaplain – 77ptsTroops: 5 Infiltrators – 110pts Troops: 6 Intercessors with bolt rifles, auxiliary grenade launcher, power fist – 112pts Troops: 10 Intercessors with stalker bolt rifles, auxiliary grenade launcher – 171ptsElites: 6 Aggressors, boltstorm gauntlets – 222pts Elites: Relic Contemptor Dreadnought with cyclone missile launcher and two twin lascannons – 228pts== Spearhead Detachment == Crimson Fists [366pts] 1 CPHQ: Pedro Kantor – 150ptsHeavy Support – 3 Eliminators with bolt sniper rifles – 72pts Heavy Support – 3 Eliminators with bolt sniper rifles – 72pts Heavy Support – 3 Eliminators with bolt sniper rifles – 72pts== Spearhead Detachment == Crimson Fists [366pts] 1 CPHQ: Primaris Lieutenant with master crafted stalker bolt rifle – 70ptsHeavy Support: Thunderfire Cannon – 92 pts Heavy Support: Whirlwind with vengeance launcher – 85pts Heavy Support: Repulsor Executioner with heavy laser destroyer – 324pts Corrode: This is far from an optimised list, since I haven’t yet had chance to actually play any games with the Fists yet. The breakdown of how to get these abilities is as follows (note: this is actually a little bit different to the other supplements thanks to the Crimson lads, so it’s worth checking out): Successor Chapter Rules - Click to ExpandIf every model in your army is IMPERIAL FISTS or are from the same Imperial Fists successor chapter, models with the Combat Doctrine ability gain the “Legacy of Dorn” ability. More of your brothers live and die, especially die. It’ll still end up as a pretty close game, with most of that type of list running relatively light on units to take objectives. First Captain (later Third Captain) Lysander. All military objectives have long been abandoned, the only mission is to find Perturabo and destroy him. They aren't as angry as the Angry Marines (close though), but they get the shit done. If you really want something dead, you can’t argue with that.Speaking of Pedro, he heads up our first Spearhead detachment. Line Holding Specialty. Imperial Fists Siegebreaker Cohort Battalion Smashing aside all resistance, they fight their way to Terra and make orbit above the cradle of Mankind. 3 Eliminators-72 This might seem to be needlessly complicating things, but there are actually some subtleties of who gets what in various soup scenarios. Counters the positioning vulnerability in the use of Tectonic Purge, and turns a psyker into something of a melee threat. 10 Intercessors, Sergeant with chainsword, 10 stalker bolt rifles, 2 auxiliary grenade launchers-172 This is another decent defensive choice to drop on a Lieutenant or Librarian that wouldn’t otherwise have an invulnerable save, especially the latter which now gets some protection from Perils of the Warp. His best friends were dead. The only slight downside to Kantor is that he continues to tote a regular old power fist, and therefore has -1 to hit on his own attacks, but punching things himself isn’t his primary role, it’s shouting at others to do it. He is not as you remember. Probably not. When Guilliman rolled up and asked Dorn if he was done with the codex, Dorn blew him off by saying there were Traitors to hunt down and exterminate and ran off to enact the Scouring with his sons. The Scouring takes years. Swapping him out for a Librarian (by dropping the spare Intercessor and the power fist from that squad) could be a much better play, though you are then committed to spending CP and your single Imperial Fists relic to replicate his effect. Sigismund is no longer the Champion you remember hurling back the traitors single-handed, but a relentless whirlwind of destruction. BSiegebreaker CohortThe Siegebreaker Cohort also gives the Imperial Fists two additional stratagems. A strong defensive buff, this trait can combine with the debuff from a Repulsor to make even a Blood Angel unit think twice about charging out of deep strike, or work alone to help keep a unit of Centurions safe. Plus he most likely had a bunch of gene-seed and who knows what, so the original Fists were probably revived anyway. Mostly used with a squad of hurricane + heavy bolter Centurions, but also usable on a dual storm cannon Leviathan or a Redemptor Dreadnought, this stratagem turns anti-infantry weapons into brutal tank-killers. That said, it has some basic ideas that I think make use of the strengths of the Crimson Fists trait and the stratagems available.The first port of call here is the slam captain. The additional hits from this ability can’t explode, so the chapter tactic will only work off the first two shots. They’re also toting a power fist, though the better play here may be to drop that and the extra Intercessor and find another use for the 26pts (very possibly to throw the extra guns on the Repulsor Executioner). With it going away, we think that Hand of Dorn is the best single warlord trait to take here, though taking Architect of War and using Sentinel of Terra to grab Hand of Dorn as a second trait is better – at worst you end up breaking even on CP. They would also supplement the Codex's combat philosophy with that of the Book of the Five Spheres. Either a Master-crafted Weapon or the Fist of Terra are likely choices for this, put on a veteran Intercessor Sergeant. The successors are formed, Lord Dorn gives Sigismund the first of the successors and commands him to keep true to the original virtues of the Astartes. The senior captains call for a breakout, but the Primarch will not relent, he will kill Perturabo. It’s also a possible Tank Hunters target – your choices are basically between this or the Contemptor. DClose-range Bolter Fire – 2CP: In the shooting phase, Bolt weapons change their type to Pistol. What’s not to like?Our second battalion has three more squads of Infiltrators, this time with stalker bolt rifles. Just don't expect them to express much emotion, they tend to be as brutally honest and literal as the walls they build. For some reason he’s gained a base Attack, giving him 5 (effectively 6, since he benefits from his own aura). We’re very excited to see how much stronger this list ends up now.Previously, he was taking the Indomitable warlord trait out of Vigilus. They even recruit from Terra itself, making them to a degree Terra's marines and being known as the Defenders of Terra. After time, though, you can suffer that. That said, my plan with him is to sneakily grab Siege Master from the Imperial Fists Warlord traits with Sentinel of Terra and then master-craft his thunder hammer, so that he’s throwing out 6 attacks hitting on 3s and wounding any vehicle in the game on 2s at AP-3 D4. Hooray?! Deep down, he felt that he'd failed the Emperor and the Great Crusade; if only he'd fortified Terra a little more or been at the Emperor's and Sanguinius' side to confront Horus, they wouldn't be in this complete and utter clusterfuck they were now mired in. w/Power Fist) – 94 ptsHeavy Support: Thunderfire Cannon – 92 ptsHeavy Support: 6x Centurion Devastators w/ Heavy Bolters and Hurricane Bolter – 420 points== Fortification Network Detachment == Imperial Fists [192pts] 0 CPFortification: Imperial Bastion – 192ptsHere we’ve got a second list with a double battalion. The only Fists present to stop them were the 3rd Company, which was rebuilding after getting mangled in a recent battle, and a few 1st Company veterans. 10 Intercessors, Sergeant with chainsword, 10 stalker bolt rifles, 2 auxiliary grenade launchers-172 They have a Germanic-Teutonic-Prussian-Crusader theme to their Legion and their chapter, and are badasses when it comes to swordfighting too. They’re very flexible units and make for a cheap Spearhead. Otherwise we have a Thunderfire Cannon – a generically awesome unit for Space Marines, even better here with +1 damage against vehicles – plus a Whirlwind, equally offering +1 damage against vehicles, and finally a Repulsor Executioner. 3 Eliminators-72 We’re going to go into a quick overview of the detachments here, and go into details on their effects in the appropriate sections below. Credit: Jack HunterAlthough the Imperial Fists supplement is stuck with a couple decisions that feel odd in comparison with the rest of the books, everything does work out into an army that has a lot of flavor and will end up playing significantly differently than either Ultramarines or Iron Hands, the other ranged shooting chapters.

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