There is no combination of those things that would ever taste good. Unwrapping the strawberry Kit Kat is like opening the doors to an oddly indoor strawberry orchard. , Roppongi, Sake It’s fun and delicious! You do not feel the heat.

What better way to accent a baked wafer than making it taste like other baked things? It tasted like apple, for sure, crisp and fruity, and wasn’t as overly sweet as the white-chocolate flavors, but I didn’t love the combination. ~^,,^~. I'd declare it the winner, but it's cheating and there is no real winner here, except for my mouth. This Kit Kat makes it to first place not necessarily for its taste, but for being sweet in another way. Cinnamon is another favorite of mine, right up there with apple, and it's incredibly easy to work with, especially where white chocolate is involved. It's not something we look to when we want to flavor ice cream, candy or chocolate. Also, I passed on the rum raisin (my views on raisins should be no surprise here). LOL. There is one in the GInza that has a cafe attached. Here are 11 unique Kit Kat flavors that can be found in the fascinating country of Japan. I'd been trying for years to get Kotaku's embedded Japanese editor, Brian Ashcraft, to bring me a batch of Nestlé's Nipponese chocolate-dipped wafers during his infrequent trips stateside, but I never manage to remind him before he's hopped the plan for the estimate week-long around-the-world flight. One of my brothers had the rum flavored and let me just say – you could smell the alcohol on his breath! I went on eBay to buy the Christmas box set last year with 50 flavors in them. While some of these flavors are region-limited, all the others should be easily grabbable anywhere you can find Kit Kat. You will find some unique flavors here, like these 10 very Japanese flavors that represent different regions of Japan. This weekend I went on a magical flavor journey across the Pacific, to a land where what Americans deem worthy of snackhood is laughably tame.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Amazon has the banana flavor and also a mixed bag of the Japanese flavors. The strawberry is a symbol of innocence and sweetness to Japan, largely due to the fact that it looks incredibly cute when you give it arms and googly eyes. Very disappointed. This is definitely cheating. Pear is a subtle taste. Well, it’s partly coincidence, in that Kit Kat sounds awfully similar to the Japanese phrase kitto kattsu, or “you will surely win.” Because of this it is often given as a good luck gift to students before their university exams. It's quite unexpected, like being stabbed in the mouth with a shiv carved out of an orange peel. Definitely going to order more on Amazon because they were so addictive. Kit Kat is popular the world over for their crispy layers wrapped in creamy chocolate.
And then there's the kick. Wasabi – Possibly the flavor most likely to cause a few nose crinkles (it just sounds gross), but this one was surprisingly good. Japan has dozens of flavors you won't find in America, like Green Tea and Banana. Uji Matcha – There are a number of different Matcha Kit Kats you can find in Japan, including a regular and a more ‘premium’ variety, and then this one, which is specifically listed as Uji Matcha (Uji being the region outside of Kyoto where some of Japan’s finest matcha tea is produced). At first you don't think the sensation is going to come.
Creme Brûlée? Kit Kat may have had its humble beginnings in the United Kingdom, but here in Japan, it has truly flourished. Everything from lychee to matcha. The taste isn't overwhelming, just a perfect little bite of cinnamon cookie, comforting and delicious. Green tea and raspberry were close seconds.

The sweet scent washes over you, a Beatles song starts playing, and the pink sticks leap from your hand into your mouth unheeded. It turns out not just Americans are in love with the signature chocolate wafers.

We’re back! Your email address will not be published. Fresh apples, baked apples, apples with cinnamon, apples with caramel. Nestle capitalized on this similarity, and the Japanese tradition of omiyage (or the gifting of regional specialties to family and co-workers after trips) and has since released over 300 limited-edition seasonal and regional flavors since 2000. A semi-local Japanese grocery store near me (U.S.) sells bags of Green Tea, Raspberry, Hazelnut, and Cookies & Cream. This assortment of regional Japanese Kit Kats turned out to be everything I'd imagined and more. Opening the first window in this treasure trove was a special moment for me, the realization of a dream that's probably not as life-long as I made it out to be in the opening paragraph, but still pretty lengthy. I stopped in one shop in Tokyo station (across from Ramen Street at the Yaesu Underground Exit) and picked up the Purple Sweet Potato, Brown Tea, as well as larger boxes of the Wasabi, Apple, and Strawberry Cheesecake flavors there. This one's almost unfair. I'm am down with red bean paste.

Nagano Prefecture is well known for its apple production, and this Kit Kat (taking its moniker from Shinshu, the feudal name for the province) celebrates regional pride with the fresh, tart taste of apple coupled with the sweetness of chocolate. Sakura Matcha – I really liked this one, though I really couldn’t taste the matcha or the cherry blossom. I moved to Japan in 2013 for my Ph.D in International Relations at Waseda University.

The tart berry does a good job of offsetting the sweetness of the white chocolate. I found a bag of Pumpkin Pie flavored ones here in the US around Halloween! Sakura Sake – White chocolate with a hint of sake and subtle floral undertones.

I’d love to offer up many more suggestions! Snacktaku is Kotaku's take on the wild and wonderful world of eating things, but not eating meals. When they put a picture of a piece of colorful produce on a package, you can bet your ass that whatever is inside the package tastes like the picture in a way that similarly-wrapped American foods hardly ever do. My mouth is not fooled so easily, Nestlé. These Kit Kat are great souvenirs, as some locations (including Tokyo's Narita Airport) sell them in cute bottle-shaped boxes! Snacktaku fans will remember the Japanese Kit Kats as one of five items on my 2013 must-eat list, an accounting of foods exotic and familiar that I would have in my mouth before the year turns once more. It is no joke. I haven’t tried any of the ones I brought back, but you put us to shame (we just have the sweet potato, wasabi, and tea one – but I’m glad they’re some of the best ones according to this!). What's also disconcerting is the smell. (Ebay? We actually agree it tastes better this way, but try it yourself and let us know what you think. It turns out there are over 400 different varieties. Then a mildly surprising fruit tang hits you. It’s actually non-alcoholic, made with white chocolate and sake powder (I didn’t know such a thing existed!) Good luck!

Right now they have pistachio grapefruit, special butter, maple strawberry, and a store only one with actual chocolate cake in it. These smell like dry flake fish food. One of my school friends is from Japan. Sakura (cherry blossom) Kit Kat are only available seasonally, but if you're in Japan between March and April you shouldn't miss them! Required fields are marked *. ooh, the sweet potato and hojicha sound so good! There were highs and there were lows, but in the end my life is better for having had the experience.

I was just in Tokyo!

© - All rights reserved. I might have spent more than $150 altogether, but that would be silly and completely out of character for me. When I lived in Okinawa in 2010, they were selling soy sauce Kit Kats. MMmmmmmm. The Citrus Golden Blend Kit Kat starts off exactly like one of those. the only special one i’ve tried is the pudding!

Can't go on. My sister used to a food chemist for a huge gum corporation and it was her job to develop flavors for Asian gum. The trick is the white chocolate base, which serves as a fleeting messenger from pear-ville. Why is a candy that is so often relegated to the Halloween reject pile here in the US so popular over there?

I found the Sake in a shop in Tokyo’s Kappabashi Kitchen Town, and the Raspberry and Cranberry Almond in a store in the underground shopping mall below Kyoto’s Shiyakusho-mae Station. Hokkaido Melon – Weird, but surprisingly good!

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