They’re thinking about what your worth is to them when considering their salary offer so it’s important that you remind them of how you’re going to be worth it for them. Is their offer too close to your minimum? It is professional and acceptable to negotiate a salary with an email. Research the job market. If you are confident in your abilities to sell yourself and stand up for your worth, discussing salary in person will likely yield the best result. And you have to wait patiently for the counteroffer. End the negotiation email with a request to discuss your salary in person. To: From: Subject line: [use the subject line the employer used in the job offer] OR insert [Name of position] – job offer. Make sure you’re negotiating with the right person, the person who can decide on salary. Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth tool or can help you determine what the salary range for your position should be. Your base salary is what your bonuses and raises will be based on so you’ll want that to be as high as possible but you should have a firm minimum base salary. Why an email? Is it lower? Dear Mr/Ms [last name] Thank you so much for the offer. When you get a job offer, it will come in two forms. I have much to offer to the entire United elephant washing team as well as the zoo itself. I am thrilled to have this new opportunity and I’m eager to begin! An email or formal offer letter of employment. I was very excited to receive your offer and am looking forward to contributing to your company. How low are you willing to go before you decline the offer? Keep in mind that while email gives you time to think carefully about your words, it also gives your potential employer the time to mull it over. You’ve received an offer! A Salary Negotiation Email is an email written by a potential employee who wants to negotiate a starting salary when offered a job. You don’t want to be perceived as overselling yourself. Just like the three bears, you want this to go to the person that is just right. Your potential new employer may offer extra vacation time, flexible schedules, telecommuting, and other perks to sweeten the pot but your main focus should be on your base pay. Clear communication is the key to any successful salary negotiation email so be straightforward and to the point. The Job Offer. As you know, I have many years of experience washing elephants at Continental Zoo where I streamlined the entire elephant foot scrubbing process. Ask if they can improve on their offer before you counteroffer and make your case as to why they should offer more. Don’t send it to the head of the company either. Salary negotiation email sample—the baseline template Open with a greeting. Writing a salary negotiation email doesn’t have to be a scary task. Before you begin, gather information about yourself, your current and past jobs and the job that you’ve been offered. Thank you for your consideration. This could go either way. Now you’ll write the longest paragraph in the email: your case to justify your counter offer. A job offer negotiation letter or salary negotiation email, also known as a counter-proposal, clarifies your position and justifies your salary request with facts and figures. First off, congratulations on getting a job offer! Just because it’s lower, it doesn’t mean that further negotiations won’t bring it up above your minimum. Look at what other people in your geographic area make for the same job. Just leave out the formal contact information. End with an in-person request. We’ve come up with several steps for you to take and a salary negotiation email sample to base your email from. Highlight those professional accomplishments and your value. But what if you want a higher salary? It’s usually best to not take their first offer but to make a counteroffer. Template for a negotiation email. A Salary Negotiation Follow Up Email is an email written by a potential employee who has sent a salary negotiation letter or email and has not received a response. Counter offer letters, counter offer emails, and general salary negotiation communication can take place. Consider your value to this new company. I never thought I would require debt consulting services and am thankful that the person who assisted me was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. No matter how the salary negotiations go, this company viewed your credentials and decided you were the type of person they wanted in their ranks. First off, congratulations on getting a job offer! Kindly thank them for the offer and ask if they mind if you take a couple of days to discuss it with your family. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank the hiring manager for the job offer. During the interview process, they reviewed what you did and what you can offer their company but they probably interviewed a lot of people so it doesn’t hurt to highlight the good stuff for them. Don’t reveal your salary offer until you meet in person. The email can look like the above basic format. You made it through the job search and interviews and they picked you! Now, the more difficult news: the job search process isn’t quite over yet. Alternative Ending: Include your salary requirement.

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