Thus the HEAD ROOM is more than adequate for normal recording levels of +4db or elevated levels of +6db or +8db. The TG12345 was put to the test in Studio Two the following year on the Beatles’ Abbey Road album. Do you have some pictures or graphics to add? Three buttons (VCA WRT, VCA UPDT, & MUTE WRT) control the MODE SWITCHING for the entire-console. You may use the upper—fine control—section of the Fader if you wish to make delicate adjustments. Sid, Mack Emmerman, and Bob Richardson had a bunch of Ampex 350 tape recorders with transports that still ran well, but electronics that were on the verge of quitting completely. Worth noting is that none of this EMI-designed/modified gear was ever commercially available; it was for the exclusive use of studio clientele. The MCI 500 was one of the best sounding desks ever made, and is still prized in certain quarters. 16. Two types of Writing strips are available. The "JH" designation is attributed to Jeeps first wife: Joyce Harned. Europe's Largest Stockists of New and Used Professional Audio Equipment. Suddenly digital synths and pianos, drum machines, and gated digital reverb were everywhere. Other desks in the series include the QMR (as used by Nicky Ryan to recording the multi-million selling Enya albums). Occassionally we find consoles that have not been Blevin'ized, we will keep a new posting up as these become available. Normally, the factory adjusts the ballistics to DIN standard 45406, which is: Rise time = -20db to 0db in 10 ms. Fall time = 0db to -20db in 1.5 sec. The company is credited with a number of world firsts: commercialising the 24-track multi-track recorder, the tape Auto Locator and in-line mixing console. Beautifully made though they are, they are designed for broadcast and have a whole load of baloney going on that is useless for music recording. During MIXDOWN, it scans all of the FADER and MUTE functions (Plus Grouping and any other automated functions) at the rate of 9.8 times per second and records their levels. Usually a bit of a project, though, to be honest. The MCI JH-500 Series Console is the "treasure" …,  Return from MCI JH-500 Series Console to History of Recording - HomepageÂ, Upload 1-4 Pictures or Graphics (optional). Having the same level available from all Patch points makes it easy to interface with all other Control Room equipment. Specifications. The JH-600 series was a totally new transformerless design, including many of the JH-500 features in a more compact frame with automation. To receive credit as the author, enter your information below. Nothing was close-miked, so the engineer captured the room ambience along with the source, and there was no post-processing. The JH-600 Console is a professional mixing console versatile enough to be used for Remix, Remote and Broadcast applications.. This one is 36 channels, inline, pre´s & eq on all channels, master section and I think there are even VCA-groups. Expect prices for any 400 Series (JH416A or B, JH428A or B) to be no less than $7k. The downside is that they need a separate machine room (for power supplies and computer, both of which are noisy), need to be turned on 24/7, generate a lot of heat meaning that both the control room and machine room must be air conditioned and require regular maintenance. VCA technology cost a fraction of the price of motorized moving fader automation (Flying Faders), the competing standard of the time. With MCI Automation, you mix with your ears, not with null indicators. The console has one of the best and most musical EQ's ever made. Many Engineers are finding the JH-50 Automation so easy to use that they make their first Mix during a final taping session. The introduction of 8-track recording and the increasing sonic experimentation of a new generation of artists demanded new technology; and thus, a new EMI-designed desk made its debut in 1968. These systems may be fed from the Stereo Mix buses, the Sends, the Echo Returns, from any external source, or from a combination of any of these sources. Message Board - MCI JH-500 Series Console. Input is lOk Ohms. Be very careful. Trident (which is still in existence) made a name for itself with their iconic A-Range desks. One of the most important features of the JH-500 Console is its increased HEAD ROOM. For example, ten years ago I advised a new college to invest in a used DMR12 (DDA’s clever twist on a split console, with twelve mic/line inputs and 24 line only monitor inputs with full EQ and auxiliaries), and although the college has relocated twice and is now one of the most successful institutes in London with hundreds of students, that desk is still going strong with a minimum of repairs or service. Entering your story is easy to do. In addition to the CHANNEL MUTE button, all Channel, Group, and Master Faders have a switch at the minimum gain end to activate the appropriate mute. The Series 70 is a 16 buss version and is, to my eyes and ears, one of the cutest professional consoles ever made. I filled this order for 100 units and I thought that would be the end of it, but when the word got around the industry that there was this guy in Florida building these 'solid state' electronics, a lot more people became interested in them". Which brings us to the 1960s — and Abbey Road. Music Center Incorporated (MCI) is the former name of a United States manufacturer of professional audio equipment that operated from 1955 until 1982 when it was acquired by the Sony Corporation. Phone Hours | They run cool, meaning capacitors tend not to be a problem and air conditioning is not essential, power supplies are convection cooled so can be sited in the control room, and the EQ and facilities are flexible, comprehensive and musical. Transistors were new, expensive, and difficult to obtain in quantity in the UK. MCI JH-556 Series Recording Console. This unit became the prototype for a new MCI product line, the JH-5 tape recorder. The standard Desk matches the JH-500 Console and bolts to the console on either the right end or the left end. "Our competitors literally took apart our AutoLocator product but couldn't see how we could possibly price it. of the dramatic impact that you wish to use. Instead of the usual Variable gain—fixed "Q" circuits which change the tonal value as the amplitude is adjusted; MCI has designed Variable gain—variable "Q" circuits to maintain the tonal balance as the Automated Processes, Inc. was launched in 1968 by Saul Walker, who designed the legendary 2520 discrete circuit the same year, invented the 500 Series console EQ module and conductive plastic faders the next, and went on to revolutionize the recording industry with other innovations in the 1970s, including the first computerized console automation systems. Two stereo Cue systems are provided. Despite this, they’re fantastically well-made and reliable, so offer those on budget prepared to work round the broadcastiness of the design a very high quality desk at a very affordable price. The post-WWII era was a time of rapid innovation in the recording industry. During the 1970s the MCI brand was tied to the fortunes of the Criteria Studios. MCI JH-500 Series Console. Unsure of the name. (You can preview and edit on the next page). In 1968 Tom Hidley, then manager of TTG Recording Studios in Hollywood, asked Harned to supply a 24-track recorder. STANDARD VU METERS: can be supplied as a lower cost option. For reasons best known to the ignoramuses of Gearslutz, these have become about as fashionable as my haircut, so can be picked up for relative peanuts. Graeme regularly maintains the desk, which is churning out hot sessions daily for the (record company) owner. They are carefully designed to musical scales, not to mathematical relationships. The average human reaction time between hearing and moving is about 200 milliseconds. The Sony Professional Products Division was established in Fort Lauderdale specifically to accommodate this acquisition.[11]. "It took Ampex and 3M years to realise it was our loss-leader.

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