Last year, Syria, South Sudan and Afghanistan incurred the largest economic cost of violence, equivalent to 60%, 57% and 51% of their GDP, respectively. Don’t forget to order a Japan SIM Card! Australia is an interesting case of mega-biodiversity as it is one of two developed countries in the list. Australia and New Zealand were terrific. Ever travel to another country only to feel unwelcome, uncivilized or constantly in the way? Well I’m not rlly the traveling type but Nevadans can be pretty kewl, dudeeee egyptian are the nicest people ever they seriously treat u like a family. The first time I arrived in London, a nice young man carried my luggage from the tube system up about what seemed like a thousand stairs. Guys u can’t judge people like this!! So where does the U.S. place? “However, the friendliest people that I have met around the world are the Brazilians. One evening I was taking a stroll on Copacabana beach with my wife when two lovely young ladies approached us, offering some “personal” services for a slight fee. I travel in Europe often, and have never really encountered much rudeness in any European country. But French people are definitely the rudest if you don’t speak their language right they will just walk away and ignore you. The most friendly and polite people i have ever met is pakistanis. Argentines are friendly. most are xenophobic and provincial, even the wealthy, non-indigenous folks. I truly believe to travel comfortably you must understand the culture before you go….if you expect everyone to behave as Americans you will be disappointed, and possibly act rudely yourself in your host country thereby causing some rudeness in return… is about experienceing places different than ours. Prices are high, tips added on to the check and, lacking incentive, the service is uniformly bad. 2. I said, “I’m cold! I travel to the States often and never had anything even remotely resembling what you described in your post (knock on wood). I think I should know best because I live among those people everyday. An elderly Syrian man and a child walk amidst debris in a residential block hit by explosives in Aleppo, The 15 most dangerous countries in the world, • Analysts question the way Apple describes its data, • Mike Ashley has a plan to save BHS with no job losses, • Investors think central banks have lost their power, You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification. I am Polish since 2004 had been living and non stop working in Dublin. Oh well i still had fun visiting an want to go again. The one exception was the American Airlines ticket counter person a couple of years ago in Paris-Aeroport Roissy, who was haughty. How dare you expect another country to speak YOUR language. You are wrong, Saudi people are the best. Hire a reliable guide next time through your four star or better, hotel. Americans are very rude, few manners and talk about money and religion all the time. True ! Try driving in a major australian city. We just returned from a month in Sicily and Greece, including Crete, Santorini, and mainland Greece. Late one evening we wanted just a small snack and three of us ordered one large pizza. Other species include: 394 reptiles, 415 amphibian (60% endemic), and 369 mammals (30% endemic). Especially in a double standard and no-soul city like dubai. There are more than 378 species of mammals, 828 species of birds, 300 different lizards, 140 species of snakes, etc. This high level of endemicity is seen in reptiles and amphibians as well. One does not feel warm entering BVI.

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