When Robin Hood's wife, Marian, becomes ill during the third trimester of her pregnancy, the thief goes on a search to find a way to cure his wife and their unborn baby. Along with Regina, the Merry Men and Robin's other loved ones, Roland places an arrow across his father's casket. Rumplestiltskin starts to torture Robin Hood, but he is eventually released by his kind servant, Belle. ("The Dark Swan"), After entering the castle of Camelot, Roland and the other Storybrooke residents are welcomed by King Arthur, who announces he'll introduce them to the "loveliest creature in all of Camelot", his queen, Guinevere. For other articles that share the same, see Roland (disambiguation). Charming tells the couple he hopes they haven't been waiting too long, and when Arthur playfully says "only a decade or so", he smiles and apologizes. After Roland calls out to her, Marian takes him into her arms, and the three have an emotional family reunion, as a heartbroken Regina looks on. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hood breaks into Rumple's Dark Castle to steal a wand from him, but he ends up being caught by the powerful Dark One. Male At the mayoral office, Roland, Marian and Robin attend a town meeting for Mary Margaret's first conference as the new mayor. While Mary Margaret assures the residents that the ice wall blocking the town perimeter, and the creator of it, Elsa, are not dangerous, Marian unexpectedly passes out and begins freezing to death. See "Family" ("Broken Heart"), After spending a total of six weeks away in Camelot, Roland and the others sent to said realm in Granny's Diner are abruptly returned to Storybrooke. However, Marian apparently dies sometime after giving birth to Roland, and so Roland is raised by Robin Hood and is the youngest 'member' of the Merry Men. Emma appears happy to hear that the prisoners are only remaining in cells for one more day, but less happy to hear that it's because everyone's to be executed on the morrow. First appearance: As Mary Margaret assures the Storybrooke residents that the ice wall blocking the town, and the creator of it, Elsa, is not harmful, Marian passes out. ("Quiet Minds"), Robin Hood and his Merry Men stand guard, protecting Regina's heart from Rumplestiltskin. Secretly, the woman adds a freezing spell into the ice cream, which Marian unknowingly consumes. ("The Dark Swan"), At the castle, Roland is present as King Arthur introduces the group to his Queen, Guinevere, before announcing there will be a ball held in their honor. "Juice, please." Potentially saving Roland's life, Regina transforms the flying monkey into a toy, which she gives to Roland. Robin shoots his arrow, but Rumple uses his magic to make it turn to Roland. She vows to stop Zelena. Feel free to add images, that are relevant to the topic, to the proper section. However, once he finds Robin he watc… Eye color: ("Swan Song"), Robin reunites with Roland when he returns from the Underworld, but after he is killed by Hades, Roland attends his funeral, where he places an rose entwined arrow on his father's casket. Roland, along with may others gather into Granny's Diner where the cyclone Zelena summoned swoops them up and takes them to the darkened savior. ("Last Rites"), With the possibility of magic being stripped from Storybrooke, several groups of townspeople wish to go through a portal and back to their respective homes in the Enchanted Forest. Status: Regina, however, is devastated, angry with Emma for having completely wrecked her new relationship. Robin soon puts his son to bed and then thanks Mulan for saving his son and offering a place for her in his Merry Men, which she eventually accepts. They all bow to her, but Guinevere tells them the pleasure is theirs as they've been awaiting their arrival since they heard Merlin's prophecy. That evening, Roland joins his father in the diner, where he sits in the booth behind Mary Margaret and David's. Once arriving and beginning to settle in, they are surprised by the arrival of none other than Rumplestiltskin, who has recently been banished by Belle due to his own evil plots. Roland's mother Marian is revealed to still be alive, driving a wedge between Robin and Regina's relationship. ("Mother"), Since ultimately defeating Rumplestiltskin, resulting in the loss of his powers, Emma Swan goes on to become the newest Dark One, and from there vanishes from Storybrooke and the realm they are in. Portrayed by: Remembering Regina only as the Evil Queen, Marian is horrified that Robin would let a person like her near their son. See "Family" She tells him to grab Roland so they can leave before Zelena finds them, but when kissing, Robin realizes that it's not his beloved, but the Wicked Witch herself. Latest appearance: However, Emma is able to wipe his memory of all that has happened, and before the curse is fully cast she is able to make everyone else who journeyed to Camelot appear unconscious in the diner, Roland included, and uses dreamcatchers to wipe all of their memories too. The couple shares a tender kiss before entering, but Marian is inside, and she soon spots her husband and son. Upon seeing Regina arrive, Robin tells Roland to stay put while he goes to talk to her and learns Ingrid's curse is quickly approaching. Relevant Pages He first appears in "Quite a Common Fairy" and is portrayed by Raphael Alejandro. This article is about the Once Upon a Time character. As the Merry Men, the Camelot refugees and Merida all make their way through, Roland has a last minute conversation with the Wicked Witch. Unknown to them, Regina watches from a distance as she contemplates Robin. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. ("Quite a Common Fairy"), Following's Pan's defeat, all of the residents of Storybrooke are transported back to the Enchanted Forest. However, Marian apparently dies sometime after giving birth to Roland, and so Roland is raised by Robin Hood and is the youngest 'member' of the Merry Men. However, their happiness soon comes to an end when Roland calls them, pointing to his mother who has collapsed; apparently some of Ingrid's magic remains inside of her. He débuts in the third episode of the third season and is portrayed by co-star Raphael Alejandro. The dwarf, Sneezy, who has been working as town sheriff (even wearing Emma's signature red leather jacket), and Sleepy overhear the diner's crash, and go to check out what has happened. Once there, he sees his father embrace a strangely familiar looking woman, who he recognizes as his mother, Marian. Gender: Later on, as he collects branches for campfires, Roland is started to see Robin be kidnapped by a fury, which, unbeknownst to everyone due to their loss of memory, is because of Regina's unpaid price of magic. This ultimately results in a showdown at the mayoral mansion between Hades and Regina, and Robin winds up murdered during a sacrifice to protect the one he loves. When a thief steals the bag, Robin chases him down to retrieve it. ("Bleeding Through"), Having ended up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, Emma is arrested by the Evil Queen and locked away in the dungeons along with Marian, Robin Hood's wife, who's there because she refused to reveal the location of Snow White. Gender: Now in a romantic relationship with Zelena, Hades deceives his new lover as he plans to take over the town, as well as get revenge against all those who ever tried to stand in his way. He is known for Once Upon a Time, Kindergarten Cop 2, Olympus, Badge of Honor, among others. He is the son of Robin Hood and Marian, as well as the youngest member of his father's band of thieves known as the Merry Men. As an effect of the curse, his memories of the prior year in the Enchanted Forest are wiped clean. Roland is eventually orphaned when Robin meets his demise at the hands of Hades, and attends his father's funeral, deeply saddened by the loss of his father. Truly," and with that, he lets the arrow go, but before it hits Roland's face, it drops to the ground. After Zelena has created a cyclone from the Apprentice's wand, Regina renders her powerless again. The shadow flies away and Neal manages to grab onto it, making the plan successful. Marian and Roland cross, and after one final kiss with his true love, Robin does the same. After the Camelot folk are found, Mary Margaret, David, Robin Hood and Roland distribute supplies to the newcomers. ("New York City Serenade", "Quiet Minds"), During an evening walk to the diner, Roland holds hands with both his father, Robin Hood and Regina, his father's girlfriend. Roland helps as some of the heroes help set up camp sites in the woods, and distribute supplies. When questioned why, Emma simply states that it's because she is the Dark One. He has Excalibur implanted back into stone, and with Nimue living on inside of him, he is able to crush Merlin's heart to enact the curse. Relatives: When she leaves Storybrooke, she is instantly cured, and Regina is willing to let Robin Hood and Roland go with Marian. Furious, Rumplestiltskin goes on a hunt for the thief to get his wand back, taking Belle with him. ("The Price"), Upon arrival to Storybrooke, Roland and the others crash to the floor from the impact of the diner dropping onto the ground. Inside the parlor, Any Given Sundae, he and his father are served rocky road ice cream.

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