Being able to hit an enemy without being in their threatened squares allows you to hit and run without invoking an attack of opportunity from your opponent. (This benefit has no effect if another feature has already improved the weapon’s damage dice).-As a bonus action on your turn, you can change your fighting stance to one of the following:1. I loved this idea. You are very fair and balanced with these issues. If you’re looking for more on weapons, checkout our Complete Guide to DnD Weapons here. Having a longer reach in melee combat is a huge advantage, even if the spear doesn't have the hitting power of a sword or axe.I've also been considering giving an Advantage die to characters armed with a shield. If I were to steal this for running 5e I would probably just have it give the spear finesse permanently, and then the bonus action could give the reach property, + 1 AC, or the ability to use your reaction to make an opportunity attack against someone entering your reach like with polearm master. Oh, don't worry, I always appreciate the feedback! For a player, without using homebrew shenanigans, the max reach for a melee weapon is 20 feet, accessible at level 3. Or do I just want to use a weapon that always have finesse? Wielding it properly you will hold it somewhere in the middle giving you about 3'-4' of reach. As the name implies, a reach weapon lets you target and attack things that are further away. Thanks for reading this, I'll certainly post lots of stuff about weapons in 5e soon and I'd love to hear your opinions. This means you now can target and hit 20-24 squares around you instead of your normal 8. However, they can often be misused and sometimes new players have questions about their rules. "NOPE" Granted I am a decent athlete but when I used sword and shield later that day, I got owned. A spear does not have reach in D&D 5e. When wielded in two hands, its damage dice changes from a d8 to a d10. Even if you held it by its absolute end you are fighting in a 10'x5' rectangle. The available reach weapons out of the box are as follows: Of course, other weapons can have reach, such as magic weapons, but these are the only default common weapons with reach. I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's. I like the +1 or +2, and the idea of giving reach is perfect for the spear. Using it, I threw this together just now:Though the spear is a simple weapon to learn, it rewards you for the time you have taken to master it. How did I do this at 5'10 180 lbs against bigger guys? Thank you for all your ideas man. This may actually lead to a lower overall damage output from having sacrificed those extra attacks you might have gotten in. For those of you who have tried to gap the distance against a spear with sword and bord, you know what I'm talking about. • As a bonus action on your turn, you can increase your reach … The AC bonus for shields goes without saying, but shields were also used offensively in combat. This drawback highlights the real advantage or reach weapons, which is in their defensive use. All of these, with the exception of the longspear (exotic), happen to be martial weapons as well, so the characters that can take full advantage of them are limited. This is a massive improvement to what you can hit. The Rule of Three - Easy outdoor survival rules for 5e, BD&D and DotD, Saving Throws: Fortitude/Reflex/Will in 5th Edition, 10 OSR Lessons from Darkest Dungeon (part I), Humble Bundle - Campaign Cartographer Mapping & Royalty Free Music, Running Castle Blackmoor – Part 11: Blackmoor Player’s Reference, Maps & Cities - Gossamer, Hembeck, Spooky City, GLOG Cities, Bastionlands. Book Reviews I - The Witcher (plus LeGuin, Foundat... D&D 5e fighting styles: Two Weapon Fighting. On the other hand, if you use a bonus action to add both your Str and Dex mods to your damage roll... Yeah, the finesse thing is probably better dealt with by creating a different spear altogether.

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