More specifically, a lock push button 44 is provided which engages the lateral surface of the locking mechanism 22. Several past, present, and future Spyderco knives utilize the Compression Lock (such as the upcoming Sage 5 Lightweight). The ball bearing lock has better overall security IMO. 06 I do t hate them, but I prefer other locks. I am a supporter of the liner lock on the Millie. More specifically, a lock swivel release 46 is provided which has a shortened locking mechanism 22, but still incorporates the locking tang 24 which engages the blade anvil 20. 3, and also from being opened when in a closed position as shown in FIGS. I think it's one of spyderco's best designs. In an additional feature shown in FIG. 28 I have minor lock stick issues with mine. Referring now to FIG. Mostly on my G10 para 3. The lock push button 44 would typically be positioned in the middle of the knife handle 14 opposite the locking 24, although it is contemplated that other positions would be equally effective. More specifically, and as seen in FIGS. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST (SEE DOCUMENT FOR DETAILS). Thus, there is a need for a type of folding knife locking mechanism which is simplistic to use, inexpensive to manufacture, and provides substantial strength to prevent any inadvertent failure. Some models are horrible. Just grab it too hard and the action might change. 6 is a front elevation view of the knife in FIG. 60/184,220 having a filing date of Feb. 23, 2000, and is incorporated herein in its entirety by reference. It is believed that these products were first sold publicly displayed between about 1994 and 1998. Thus, it is intended that the appended claims be construed to include alternative embodiments to the extent permitted by the prior art. 26 The compression lock is innately safer because the users fingers never have to cross the path of the closing blade. RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT … 7 and 8, an alternative embodiment of the present invention is provided. 50 It'll just push it out. Lock Push Button 3, the folding knife of FIG. 02 3, a blade lock detente 56 is provided in the blade heel end 40 which allows the folding knife blade to be in a closed position without inadvertently opening by means of the resistance provided by the locking mechanism 22 being engaged with the lock detente 56. However, other materials resistant to compressive forces could be used for the same purpose. Alternatively, the stop pin could be an extension of the locking mechanism prevent overtravel by the knife blade 4. 17 is a top plan view of an alternative sliding release mechanism used to release the compression locking mechanism of the present invention. Furthermore, the compression locking mechanism 22 and associated locking tang 24 comprises one of the scales of the knife handle 14. 2 is a top plan view of the folding knife of FIG. It's super quick to flick open and closed again. As shown in FIG. I also can use it ambidextrously if I need to; it's not really any more awkward than manipulating any other switch or etc with my left hand. This is unavoidable with a liner lock. Another type of locking mechanism commonly used for folding knives is generally referred to as a “liner lock”. 11 is a rear elevation view of the knife of FIG. I carry spyderco backlocks daily but that's only because they don't make every knife with a comp lock. I think I prefer the compression lock but mostly because it allows for better "packaging". Of course those who like "flickable" folders would consider those last two to be pluses. In a first extended position of use, the folding knife cutting blade is extended to expose the blade cutting edge and permit cutting therein. 10 represents a top plan view of the invention shown in FIG. Referring now to the drawings, FIG. A folding knife with compression locking mechanism, comprising: a knife blade having a front end, a heel end with an anvil, a cutting edge and an upper edge, said heel end rotatably interconnected to said front end of said handle, wherein said knife blade travels between a first extended position of use and a second closed position wherein said knife blade cutting edge is positioned substantially within said handle cavity; a stop pin interconnected to said handle proximate to an upper edge of said handle for engaging said heel end of said blade when said blade is in said first extended position of use; and. 16 5, the blade lock detente 56 is shown engaged with the compression lock tang 24 which holds the blade 4 in the closed position. 32 Who says that it is left or right, I would prefer to use my thumb on my right hand and would require a so called left handed blade. 7, a more typical type of ball detente 38 is provided which holds the knife blade 4 in the second closed position of use until the ball portion of the detente 38 is released from the female portion of the ball detente 38 which is shown on the heel end of the knife blade 4. They left a space for the push button to pass through the handle. Referring now to FIGS. 1 with the stop pin removed for clarity in the upper drawing; FIG. 9-12, the invention of FIG. 14 is a top plan view of an alternative push button mechanism used for releasing the folding knife compression locking mechanism; FIG. The folding knife 2 is thus able to be used with the blade 4 in a first extended position of use as shown, and subsequently closed to a second position of non-use wherein the blade cutting edge 6 is positioned within the knife handle 14. In this particular drawing, the locking mechanism 22 can be clearly shown engaged to the knife blade anvil 20. Referring now to FIG. 10; FIG. Rotating Lock Mechanism Locking Mechanism Tang The knife blade 4 is generally comprised of a blade cutting edge 6, a blade upper edge 8, and a blade heel end 40 which further includes a blade anvil 20. 7 with the stop pin removed for illustration purposes in the upper drawing; FIG. As the heel portion is released, the knife blade is released from the locking mechanism and is allowed to rotate from the first extended position to the second closed position. 13, this drawing depicts a top elevation view of a novel type of “liner lock” locking mechanism. As seen in this particular drawing, the liner lock 22 engages the blade heel end 40 to prevent the blade 4 from closing. Thus, the locking mechanism 22 can be used both to prevent the knife blade 4 from being inadvertently closed when in a first extended position of use as shown in FIG.

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