And again, this applies to anything you are trying to accomplish. Well, to improve your code, obviously! Post the cool tricks in your blog instead. Refactoring is restructuring your code without changing its behavior. You’ll need to Google around for the best practices for the language of your choice. You can just as well add more CPU power, or wait a little longer, and avoid complexity and potential bugs. Blog This is a big mistake and can cause embarrassing and sometimes deal-killing problems in front of the client. To illustrate this more, here are a few things that help: A professional only asks for help after extensively trying to find an answer in other ways. 18 January 2016 Comments Off on The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Software Engineers General Software Development. Assume it needs to be understood by another programmer who’s in a hurry to fix your bugs a year from now. Our Advisory Board This code is more comprehensible if it is split up in multiple lines, with a comment or two to explain the arguments to the max() function. The problem here is twofold. Here are seven career-breakers software engineers need to ditch. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What is hard is, first, motivation. Provide context: what are you working on, why, what have you tried so far? You probably know me as the author of the #1 best seller Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers. Save yourself the time; you aren’t gonna need it! In your demo/presentation, make sure there are 3-5 “ah-ha” moments which should impress your audience. Don’t try to save characters. Why on earth would you do that? Secondly, you don’t know how your code will perform until you run it. What problem does it solve? Habit #1: Work Closely with Customers to Understand Them In the most extreme form, you apply a practice called test-driven development (TDD). New languages are introduced each year. Make your code as easy to understand as you possibly can. Dijkstra, one of the pioneers of computer science, once said: “Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.” The simpler your solution is, the harder it is to introduce bugs. Especially when working in teams. If nothing fails, the chances that you just created a breaking change are slim. Only use comments where clarification is needed and do not state the obvious. He penned “The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers”, an amalgamation of over a decade of experience in the field where Chris is able to articulate the importance of a number of key habits … Be as detailed as possible. At a presentation/meeting the SE needs to do the same thing that a typical salesperson needs to do:  establish trust and build confidence with the audience, build relationships and develop rapport, offer insights and suggestions, and maybe most importantly- LISTEN. The risks here: First, optimizing your code for speed often makes it more difficult to understand. About Us Writing documentation in a separate document. Think of all those GitHub repositories. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Perhaps you’ve seen such code before. I did all of my own prospecting as well as every other aspect of sales and business development or account management. On the same note, know why you are showing each step or slide/page. Recently I was asked to read and review a 2019 book written by presales consultant Chris White, regarding the best habits of effective sales engineers. So, instead of, Extract as much as you possibly can into functions and make these functions do, Read the documentation — also called RTFM, short for “read the f***ing manual.”. Chris White is an accomplished author, trainer, coach, teacher and Sales Engineering leader. While this may be generally the case, especially in enterprise software, it oftentimes is not the case in the non-software end of sales engineering. We work in a field of expertise that is in high demand. “Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.”. Overall, White’s book has many practical points and insights, which I believe is the key factor in any business publication. You are adding complexity, and complexity has many downsides (see also: KISS). You possess expertise that is required in pretty much every industry. There are a few facts of life that make refactoring necessary: When working on a new project, you initially need to make significant changes, like reordering your initial draft into classes. Van Rossum has said it himself during his time at Dropbox: “Maintainable code is more important than clever code.”. That other programmer might be you, because a year from now, you’ve forgotten about that neat trick as well. Don’t write code that you don’t need right now. The type where, if you change one line, the whole thing breaks incomprehensibly. Include error messages, (parts of) log files, and the code giving the problem. Each language has its tools and de facto standards in this regard. Small improvements you make over time add up to a codebase that is easy to read and maintain. It may work, sure, but it will be messy, and there will be duplication. CSE Designation The people that answer you and try to help you often do so in their spare time, for free. I often find myself creating unit tests after the fact, if at all. How can you start working on this code? I put a perfect example of this in another article of mine. Out of context, this generalized list could apply to anything you are trying to accomplish, which is why it is useless. Many other non-software SE’s are in the same boat. Basically, you need to ask yourself, “So what?” to each step or slide. Leave a piece of code better than you found it, every time. At we believe that the role of sales engineer is one of, if not THE most important jobs in the rapidly growing technology industry. Like habits for a productive and meaningful life where you learn as you go, adapt, and improve with experience, there are habits that lead to highly effective Agile, whether converting from a Waterfall process to Agile or trying to fine-tune the Agile process. But even if you’re adding them after the fact, it’s still better than not adding them at all. So, don’t spend time optimizing it until there’s an actual problem. Less code is easier to maintain and debug. Just like YAGNI, it is also tempting to optimize your code prematurely. Two significant advantages here are: Pro tip: Some IDEs detect duplicate code and warn you about it, and some even help you to extract methods or functions from the duplications. Act like the professional you are. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. But if you need to read another file and get the contents of that one as well, don’t write the same code to open this different file. CPU cycles are cheap; working hours aren’t. Force you to create smaller functions that do one thing. The 12 Habits of Highly Effective Software Developers ... You’re a software engineer, a data engineer, a data scientist, perhaps. An important effect of constant refactoring is that your code is less likely to turn into a minefield for others. Writing documentation can be very helpful. Be kind, be grateful. And though it does focus on software professionals, SE’s from other fields should also find it relevant and helpful. It has become a de facto standard to include a file in the root of your project. You can buy it here, Posted on September 29, 2020 by klambert21yahoocom, Home Or worse: copy-paste it! New JavaScript frameworks seem to be introduced each day. If that relationship is problematic, there is very little chance of ongoing sales prowess. In essence, it means “don’t overcomplicate things,” or “try to think of the simplest solution possible.”. Here are a few links to get you started: To start with comments: use them sparsely. Many projects have a page instructing you how and where to ask questions. Can you figure out what it does by yourself? As an example, some people prefer to use accolades like this: While others prefer this more compact style: Both have pros and cons. Computer code is continuously evolving. Software Engineering is not Computer Science. A professional software engineer keeps learning for the duration of his or her career. Some SE’s rely too much on the information from the sales counterpart, instead of doing their own thorough technical discovery call. SE’s may not run thru every click/step during a demo or presentation prior to the actual client meeting. Don’t be that person. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SoftwareEngineering community, Continue browsing in r/SoftwareEngineering. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A developer mailing group is intended for developers. Beginners often repeat code, doing the same or almost the same things. This powerful mantra is not just used in software development. Now there’s code just sitting there unused, and nobody dares to remove it because who knows what will break if they do. And let’s be honest. Include specific instructions to create a development environment, if any.

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