Pluralism 90 6. In a . Nature and Significance of Political Theory 1 2. Pluralist theory of Democracy: It is stated that democracy is said to be the government of the people. Sovereignty 75 5. Democracy “Rule by the people” In a pure democracy, the people make major government decisions through a process of majority rule. The democratic leadership cluster is described as employee centered, permissive, nonpunitive, supportive, nondirective, relations oriented, participative, consultative, and open (Bass). In fact, transitions are increasingly likely as per capita income of dictatorships rises but only until it reaches a level of about $6,000. There are several types of democracy. Understanding democracy there is no single theory of democracy; only theories. As a result of which one can say that essential purpose will be defeated in case, it leads to concentration of powers in the hands of a few as a result of which it is stated by the pluralist scholar that in a democracy … scope 3. Modernization theory arose in the context of decolonization in Africa and Asia and the early years of the Cold War. A. Tolerance and cooperation build democracy. Modernization Theory. In this article, learn about participatory democracy, pluralist democracy, and elite democracy. equality. 1. Democracy theories 1. direct democracy, such as Athens, citizens meet regularly to discuss issues and vote for leaders. (Robert Dahl) historical matters B. Democracy theories Ayusia Sabhita Kusuma 2. There have been numerous debates on how it is best to the protect the liberty of the people. After the disaster that was the Articles of Confederation the founding fathers of the United States had the Constitutional Convention and formed a democratic republic. Natalie Lichtenhahn 1 The theory in which America was founded on was liberty. These gains untie women from traditional household activities, setting them free to participate in greater rates in civic activities such as petitions and boycotts. If the theory that democracy emerges as a result of economic development is true, transitions to democracy would be more likely when authoritarian regimes reach higher levels of development. Political Theory Objectives To provide the concepts, ideas and theories in political theory. The Traditional Theory of Democracy promotes majority rule without violating minority rights, maintaining the willingness to compromise, and recognizing the worth and dignity of all people. Power and Authority 24 3. Seminar has three aims: (a) to introduce students to some important topics and approaches in contemporary democratic theory; (b) to investigate the ways in which these issues are related to broader discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of democracy and the rule of law; (c) to familiarize students with a range of strategies for justifying or criticizing political arrangements or policies. Athens was actually an elite-based system. In theory, it is reasonable to presume that early gains in gender equality take the form of women’s greater equality with men in skill development and standard of living. republic, State 44 4. This course seeks to explain the evolution and usage of the ... Democracy, Procedural Democracy and the Public Interest. Models of democracy debates concerning the proper function and scope of power, equality, freedom, justice and interests. In a democracy, government is only one thread in the social fabric of many and varied public and private insti-tutions, legal forums, political parties, organizations, Characteristics of Democracy An educated citizenry is the best guarantee for a thriving democracy. Modernization refers to a model of a progressive transition from a 'pre-modern' or 'traditional' to a 'modern' society. Rights 100 Modernization theory is used to explain the process of modernization within societies. Four theories of democracy have taken shape over time, each addressing the questions of who holds power and influences public policy. In a . McGregor’s theory X and Y are reviewed as autocratic and democratic leadership respectively, and “democratic leaders are Theory Y ideologists” (Bass, p. 417).

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