Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 5 0 obj These Xam Idea Class 10 English Chapter 14 A Tiger in the Zoo Solutions for Class 10 guides students to solve the complex questions in the book. Go through them to find out your understanding of chapter with objective type questions for the chapter A Tiger in the Zoo. All this minimizes stress on the animals in the long run, since they do not have to be tranquilized for a trip to the veterinary hospital for every health issue. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is home to male Sumatran tiger Rakan and females Diana, Majel, Joanne, Cathy, and Debbie. In this stanza, the poet is filled with pity while looking at the imprisoned tiger. Malayan tiger Panthera tigris jacksoni: This is the subspecies you’ll see at the San Diego Zoo. Today, it is believed that the South China tiger is most likely extinct in the wild. /Pages 130 0 R Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo 1 Discovery Guide Robin Williams. stream Two American soldiers standing guard next to a cage with a Bengal Tiger. Clear your doubts and get step by step answers to the questions asked in the Xam Idea Class 10 textbook. Other forms of tiger communication include spraying urine, leaving piles of feces where they can be seen, and clawing trees or the ground—all to say “this area is mine!”. We provide you with one of the best and reliable Xam Idea Class 10 English Chapter 14 A Tiger in the Zoo Solutions. Number of young at birth: Up to 7, but average is 2 to 3. 2 0 obj Imagine a tiger the same length as a school cafeteria table! *��r���r~��a ���J�X(�o�E,-��l�wm?����*S-�:�F�:��(��7�H�M�*������X��4R��rG�#_0Z� ٷ8��d��@��Z�(�Ȃzl ����>���|v�}ۛ�� f��i%eTd�J�]���� �C���Lˑ���?L\�ѡ��q���\Ӡ���hc��>Y�P�ރ|�C��C����. (A) the tiger’s eyes (B) the stars (C) both (A) and (B) (D) none of the above Ans. x��[K��0�K���`��c�n�m�����M�4;� H� ��K9U��u��ԭ{mc`���S����ֱ�����ӏ�_�^�h�_�����׿�~۹Q������W��n`��8��n~ٱ�{ǜ��y'���2�p�ͫ�O��^�B�gÞ��*��? /Parent 130 0 R The tiger in the zoo appears helpless as a mere showpiece and source of entertainment to people. For many years, tigers have been hunted for their fur and other body parts, some of which are used in native medicines. multiple choice questions hold 25 % weightage in new education policy. When people move into areas where tigers live, tigers are forced into smaller and smaller areas where there may not be enough food for the big cats to survive. A female can have a litter of up to seven cubs every two years. They feel angry, helpless and unhappy in the cage. The reference Class 10 English Chapter 14 A Tiger in the Zoo Solutions are in accordance with the latest CBSE exam pattern. He stalks in his vivid stripes The few steps of his cage On pads of velvet quiet, In his quiet rage. solution. To people of many cultures, the tiger is a symbol of strength and courage. Here you will find English grammar multiple choice questions with answers pdf. Tigers are seldom far from a water source; there are Bengal tigers that live in wet mangrove forests along the Ganges River in India. The design of our Class 10 English Chapter 14 A Tiger in the Zoo Solutions is well- organized. medianet_versionId="3111299", A Tiger in the Zoo- Summary in Hindi – Full Text, A Tiger in the Zoo- Passages for Comprehension, A Tiger in the Zoo- Extract Based comprehension test Questions, A Tiger in the Zoo- Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type, A Tiger in the Zoo- Important Extra Questions- Short Answer Type, A Tiger in the Zoo- Important Extra Questions- Long Answer Type.

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