All the best! The content has been saved and it will always be possible to see and refer to archived posts, but not to post new items. Could these have come from our wooden floor, as they only appeared after it was laid? Biscuit beetles are often seen in the kitchen or in our pantry. If you have a food stash that has been infested already, make sure to get rid of these, and any food residue as well. Hopefully the questioner hasn't fumigated and ripped her/his house apart needlessly. I've had these before on toy furniture, such as bean bags. Anyone else have no fucker who wants to bubble with them over Christmas? Yours are Stegobium with a slight possibility of being Anobium, though there's apparently no evidence to support the latter. Quite concerned about the possibility of them being a furniture beetle. However I still think they are biscuit beetles and the size supports that. The aphids I'm not sure - sound like greenfly! I'm not finding huge clusters of them anywhere except the window sills. Commercial enquiries: Thanks very much, and sorry for hijacking your thread Rhubarb! You might want to consider steam cleaning your carpet (or even replacing it for a non wool one), checking all your clothes and freezing any with the beetles/larvae on as decribed in my other post, using essential oils or lavender bags or cedarwood hangers in your wardrobe, getting rid of indoor plants for a bit. I've been trying to find images on Google but struggling to properly identify them. Currently 10 dead ones lying on the window sill in my daughter's room. Rhubarb, definitely carpet beetle. Does this sound right? Just all the windows! Can't seem to find much about them anywhere besides the pantry. In the meantime if you have any questions then please email: Fossil enquiries: Hi , i thought i would share my experience of this little bug. Share with Tangle Teezer - £100 voucher to be won, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. Anything that's been infested (furniture, clothes) you then have to isolate as it's probably got larvae in it. In Ohio, we are having a huge problem with bed begs and I am thinking that is what they are. Having just looked at one, it's more oblong than oval, with loads of really tiny legs. Their larvae have been feeding on a food source in your home and the beetles have hatched out and are trying to go outside to find flower pollen to feed on  The food source for the larvae is a grain based product or can be an old birds nest in the eaves. PhillippaT - Wow, you might be able to help me. They look black to my eye, in person, but do appear slighlty brown in the pictures. In common with other beetles, this species passes through four life-stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult (pictured below). Wrap it in plastic and if possible put it in the freezer for 7 days. There's plenty more advice online on dealing with them. I have not found any holes in fabrics. here's a lovely little site! They can fly and perhaps 1 to 2 mm in length. See the varied carpet beetle piccie on Soupdragon's site (looks a bit more bright than ones I normally see, but that's Americans for you!). No, definitely not, Cryptophagid have a very different head shape and antennae as the photos show. You can get chemical sprayed by the environmental health dept of your council, usually for free, but it is nasty stuff and they spray a lot. Your thorough searching I'd thought would have revealed that if it existed, but you can check behind furniture items since that is where bare unfinished wood is often present and where they prefer to enter. As a precaution, I've tossed out all stored goods such as pasta and flour and sugar. But what if the biscuit beetles have gone in your bedroom already? The photos are not very clear, but these are almost certainly Stegobium, frequently called biscuit beetles. Yesterday I noticed two holes in my knickers and today a small hole in my tights I thought I had snagged them. I've been going through the kitchen and store cupboards since 5am and no luck finding where their food source is. If it were there would be evidence of some sawdust and small holes in the wood since their larvae would have been burrowing in the wood for some years. And no trees near the windows. All images of biscuit beetles on the internet make them appear reddish-brown. As I said, I'm not a beetle expert, it would have been helpful to a newbie if you'd explained why you arrived at the conclusion you did. We have a completely empty spare room , 4 walls and a window nothing else is in the room.Last year we bought my grand daughter a second hand trampoline and collected in pieces .We decided to put all the pieces in the spare room ie metalpoles , foam protector , everything except the net and round trampoline.The next day when i went it was like a horror movie , the window was covered in these bugs ,hundreds of them.They had obviously come with the trampoline and seem to all want to head to the light.As there were so many i thought hoovering them up was the best option ,apologies bug lovers, but i knew i couldn't get them all as they were so small.I hoovered the window and as many as i could see on the trampoline and carpet, you could see from where they were that they were all trying to get to the window and all eventually would so it was a waiting game .Over the next week i kept going into the room every few hours until eventually they were all gone and i have never seen one since.They dont seem to want to be indoors so am not sure what they are but are definitely the same as your bugs and came from an outdoor object, hope that helps.

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