(Get it?) “The curry is just really, really good,” she said. Some are strictly vegan; others will happily veganize otherwise vegetarian items upon request. Everything else has stayed the same: the congenial, 16-seat setting, the free Turkish coffee, and, most crucially, the specialty of the house: sufficiently creamy, tahini-rich, ground fresh for each order, and served as warm and fluffy as the accompanying pita. Here, the absolute best places to eat vegan food in New York, for vegans and omnivores alike. Kitchen looks like any number of bar-restaurants specializing in elaborate cocktails and globally-inspired shareable small plates. “I’ve only been able to find certain dishes that are vegan, but not a specific Jamaican vegan restaurant. “We had this large space in a landmark building on a historic NYC street, so it made perfect sense to combine forces. The slices are titanic, the plates are paper, and the vibe is punk rock meets Joe’s of Carmine Street. I haven’t explored all of them, but my favorite one right now is Lupa,” she said. If we counted correctly, there are 193 dishes on the menu, not including lunch specials, but the place earns a spot on this vegan food list for its Bar-B-Q Veg Meat alone – sweet, chewy, compulsively edible strips of wheat gluten that bear a striking resemblance to char siu. : They’re all vegan. We found great results, but some are outside Jamaica. Even if you don’t know your particular dosha, you can eat well at this tranquil East Village ayurvedic canteen. Vegan food can sometimes be super bland, so I definitely look for stronger flavors when I go out for a meal.”. Situated at 70 W. 3rd St., just two minutes from Washington Square Park, Negril has an array of delicious Jamaican dishes. The whole atmosphere is kind of like Café Habana crossed with Dimes or abcV. Bailey’s favorite vegan Jamaican dish is the curry roti at. Headley has made vegan food not only cool, but atypically seasonal, objectively crave-able, and exciting. Open today. This under-the-radar osteria with a vegetarian bent went totally meatless in early 2019, but 75 percent of the menu is straight-up vegan or vegan-izable. Escargot. Sunday: Closed. 1. “The tanginess of the dish is something that really stood out to me. The food is only part of the draw at this vegan Ethiopian restaurant, where the teff-and-barley flatbread called injera serves as edible platform for a colorful, deftly seasoned array of puréed and stewed pulses, steamed and sautéed vegetables, and the irresistible kale-avocado mixture called kedija selata. Ave. A; 646-922-7948. Nor is it up there with today’s most accomplished vegivore cooking. Olive oil is responsible for the pot pie’s addictive crust, pulverized cashews for its creamy innards. How Many New Ways Will Restaurant Owners Get Squeezed? Should you ever grow tired of eating mashed chickpeas straight up, you can get it topped with garnishes like fava beans, eggplant, mushrooms, and even a vegan shawarma fashioned from soy protein, though the less said about this last the better. Pick up orders can also be placed in person. Adelina’s Fraschetta Romana159 Greenpoint Ave., nr. frankfurter served Jersey-style, which means deep-fried and stuffed into a split baguette with crispy potatoes, onions, and peppers. Contact Us . Good-bye to MeMe’s Diner, a Restaurant That Instantly Felt Like Home, “When you experience hospitality from your chosen family, it can be revelatory.”. What Happens If Outdoor Dining Pauses in New York? Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Sunshine Hummus and Happiness59 E. 8th St., nr.

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