Personality Theory in Real Life: The Application of Frankl’s Theories to the Workplace and Everyday Life ... Viktor Frankl’s Principles at Work (with a foreword by Stephen Covey; Pattakos, 2004). Viktor Emil Frankl. The theory of Yin and Yang tells us that everything that surrounds us is made up of two opposite forces… Sayings. 1914-1918. Viktor Frankl’s tragic optimism focuses on (a) affirmation of the meaning and value of life, regardless of circumstances; (b) acceptance of what cannot be changed; (c) self-transcendence in serving a higher purpose; (d) faith or trust in God and others; and (e) courage to face adversity (Wong, 2009a). Key Ideas. Shortly after being liberated from the camps in 1945 Frankl published his best selling book Man’s Search for Meaning (Viktor Frankl Institute, 2010). Viktor Frankl was born in Vienna, Austria on March 26, 1905. We do not create meaning, rather we discover it, often when we are suffering. Frankl himself urged Pattakos to publish his book during a meeting in 1996. Early in 1947 Frankl married Eleonore Schwindt and by December their daughter Gabriele was born. The Theory of Yin and Yang: the Duality of Balance. His mother, Elsa Frankl, nee Lion, hails from Prague, his father Gabriel Frankl, Director in the Ministry of Social Service, comes from Southern Moravia. Viktor Frankl. Learn about Logotherapy, Viktor Frankl's theory of man's search for meaning. Reducing life and human nature to “nothingness”, as many philosophers and psychiatrists of the time did, was not the most appropriate way of looking at life. 199 SAVES. Although his father had been forced to drop out of medical school for financial reasons, Gabriel Frankl held a series of positions with the Austrian government, working primarily with the department of child protection and youth welfare. Save all ideas "It doesn’t really matter what we expected from life, but what life expected from us." 6. This Russian man… Sayings. Bakunin's quotes horrified his contemporaries and, as strange as it may seem, they never ceased to amaze. Viktor Frankl had a conviction that what makes us unique is the human spirit. Discover Mikhail Bakunin's Quotes. Pattakos, like Covey, has been profoundly influenced by Frankl’s writings throughout Pattakos’ career. 1905 March 26: Viktor Emil Frankl is born in Vienna as the second of three children. During the first World War the family experiences bitter deprivation; sometimes the children would go begging to farmers. Man can keep a vestige of spiritual freedom, of mental independence, even in terrible circumstances of psychological and physical tension. Logotherapy: Viktor Frankl's Theory of Meaning. This book describes his experiences in the concentration camps and promotes his theory of logotherapy (Frankl, 1959).

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