The winter issue of Weight Matters Magazine is a refreshing break from the cold weather temperatures we know you’ll enjoy! You’ll also hear from a young OAC member as she shares her story about growing up with obesity and how this inspired her to be a voice of support and awareness in her later years. For more information about YWM2019 beyond the spring issue, visit Here’s another reason to “FALL in love” with OAC education you can’t get anywhere else… We’ve just released our Fall 2019 issue of Weight Matters Magazine! This issue is full of healthy and comforting recipes, fall activities and new medications to be on the lookout for. From National Campaigns to Public Education Resources and Annual Convention, we offer a variety of helpful tools and resources to help you better understand your health journey. Click here to download the current issue. View the OAC Magazine Archive (Premium Access), Cozy up for Fall: Tips for Making Healthy Soups and Stews. It offers a variety of articles designed to educate readers on all topics concerning weight and health. Celebrate the change in seasons as we approach the year’s end and check-out some of our featured fall recipes. Our fall issue will tell you what we can expect in the new year politics wise and features and an insightful story on how life events can affect your weight. Interested in reading more education like this? You can now access it via our Magazine Library in the OAC Community Engage Platform. To learn more about adding-on Premium Access Membership, CLICK HERE. Posted by, Help support this blog by making purchases thru ad and affiliate links. About Weight Matters Magazine: Weight Matters Magazine is the OAC’s most popular educational resource, produced quarterly with your needs and interests in mind. What is Telemedicine and How Can I Get the Most from it. CLICK HERE to download the current issue. You can access it now through the link below. Make your plans to join us in Tampa for a weekend that will inform, inspire, empower and stay with you forever. Weight Matters Magazine is a valuable tool that anyone can use in their health journey. Select articles are always posted online for anyone to read. We’ve got an article to help you navigate the ups and downs of your first year after the procedure. So, once people have lost weight… If you’re looking for something to do while social distancing this summer, our magazine is the perfect solution! To learn more about OAC Premium Access Membership, CLICK HERE. From our diverse educational topics and sessions in our Program Agenda to our invigorating Exercise Program, EXPO Hall, social events, CE credit options and more, YWM2019 is an experience you can’t miss! On this website, you will learn more about how your weight and health go hand-in-hand, how your weight affects your health and how to prepare for your conversation about weight with your healthcare provider. Schools are back in session which means we all must prepare for a productive and fun fall! You can also CLICK HERE for the complete online version. Hunger: Why Do We Have Cravings and What Can We Do about Them? The OAC is excited to share that our Winter 2020 issue of Weight Matters Magazine, our most current issue, is out now! 5 lies we tell ourselves about our weight With stories about weight gain and obesity constantly in the media, it's hard to tell fact from fiction. This issue will also provide you with a full recap of our first ever YWM2020 – VIRTUAL Convention! It features perspectives from OAC members, health and wellness tips, and scientific insight from a few of the industry’s leading experts. Select articles are always posted online for anyone to read, but the quarterly print edition is reserved for OAC members with Premium Access. At any given moment you have the power to say: this is NOT how the story is going to end. The winter issue of Weight Matters Magazine is a refreshing break from the cold weather temperatures we know you’ll enjoy! One of the perks of Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), This post may contain affiliate links. Dear Doctor: My Child is Affected by Obesity. I loved writing this article. Kid’s Corner: Fall Family Evening Activity Ideas, Moovin’ and Groovin’ – Simple and Easy Ways to Stay Active, OAC Community Perspectives: Changing the Narrative around Weight, Bodies and Obesity, Obesity Medications Coming Down the Pipeline: What You Need to Know, Racing against the Clock for Better Obesity Care Policy, Understanding Life Events and How They Affect Your Weight. In this issue, you’ll find an impressive mix of great advice, tips and resources that apply to weight management, health and wellness. OAC’s newest issue of Weight Matters Magazine is now available online and accessible through our Magazine Library. After losing large quantities of weight, the bodies of the contestants are, presumably, not where they want to be. Realities of Weight Discrimination in the Workplace: Why We Cannot, and Will Not, Brush off the Issue, OAC Member Makes Strides in Helping More U.S. States Recognize Quality Obesity Care, OAC Member Story: Following My Own Prescription for Improved Health and Happiness, Changing the Way We Care about Obesity through Obesity Care Week 2019. If you aren’t yet a part of the OAC Community, JOIN TODAY at no cost! My Weight Matters is a FREE weight management programme for adults which follows NHS guidance and is evidence based. Select articles in this magazine are posted online for all OAC Community Members at no cost, while other articles are reserved for OAC Community . OAC Educates on Weight Stigma and COVID-19 During Massachusetts Advocacy Group Webinar, A Look Back at YWM2020-VIRTUAL: Redefining Education, Advocacy and Support. Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover: My Experience with Obesity, Autism and Rare Disease, How YWM2020-VIRTUAL Helped OAC Redefine Education, Advocacy and Support. An Honest Letter about YWM2019 from OAC’s Chairwoman, Shelly Vicari, Try these Healthy Activities with Your Family this Summer, OAC Community Perspectives: Obesity, Art and Remembering My Brother. Weight Matters Magazine is the OAC’s most popular educational resource! And if temperatures are a bit chilly outside, cuddle up in your favorite blanket and crack this magazine open for a great read! I hope you and your family enjoy the ideas and recipes presented.

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