Let’s break down this definition to understand it better. Since a gerund can act as a subject, it can also take objects. It is a participle phrase, which acts like an adjective.

(That would be a much better idea, Tim. What is a Gerund Phrase? We could easily replace it with a simpler object noun to confirm that it really is an object. (not a gerund phrase) How do we know the second example is not a gerund phrase?

Aside from the gerund itself, the other words in the phrase will include any modifiers or objects of the gerund. Eating blackberries without washing them will make you ill. 1. A gerund phrase is a group of words that will always begin with a gerund.
Gerund Phrase Examples. (gerund phrase) Drinking beer heavily, Tom and Jim became more raucous.

A gerund phrase is a phrase that begins with a gerund, and functions as a noun.

Just as nouns sometimes function as objects in a sentence, so can gerund phrases.In this sentence, the gerund phrase running with scissors is the direct object of the verb enjoys. Well, it is not acting like a noun and thus does not satisfy the four rules of gerund phrases. 1.

)We could also use this gerund phrase as an indirect object.Like many indirect objects, the gerund phrase running with scissors is introduced with the preposition to.

A gerund is a verb ending with –ing, but, it works as a noun and can act as a subject, object, or complement in a sentence.Meanwhile, a phrase is a group of words that contains either a subject (noun) or a verb — but not both. Let’s analyze a few examples.

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