(Note that existing extensions on the property count towards the 40 sq.m allowance.) ii)Moisture in the air inside buildings comes from anything that has water in it.We may see this as steam, as from boiling a kettle, running a bath, taking a shower, or washing clothes.Or we may feel it as sweat on our skin as we perspire, or breath out onto a cold part of our body.But the outside air may also be ‘humid’ and quite ‘wet’, introducing the issue of ‘relative humidity’ between inside rooms and the inside and outside of the building.Again these are issues dealt with as part of the building design.UK Building Regulations require windows to have ‘trickle vents’ in the heads, that can be opened and closed if required.While they also require a minimum air tightness equating to circa 10 air changes per hour, a standard timber frame achieves around 5 to 6.Since ‘air leakage’ is a major source of heat (and thus energy) loss, new houses have to be subject to a special test to verify that at least the minimum standard is reached.Advanced systems are taking this down to below 1 air change per hour.However, if the house is very ‘airtight’ (e.g. Green oak frames shrink, so must be detailed correctly to avoid problems in the future. This article gives you an overview of some of the methods of construction and roofing that you should consider. Take a look at our recent projects for further inspiration! In principle YES you should be able to put a timber frame extension on top of your brick & block kitchen extension. This gap can then be filled with sound absorbing material. Skilfully done, this can make your extension look as though it is part of the original building.This is one of the specific issues we address when we are instructed to carry out the full design for planning permission as a precursor to doing the engineering and structural design for manufacture. timber frame construction usually means a quicker, easier build that's less likely to be disrupted by the weather and more likely to be at a watertight stage faster than if you choose another build route, such as block work. A similar structure would cost from £35,000 to £40,000. September 16, 2020, 9:14 am, by Selfbuild is designed to cut through the noise and deliver what matters, whether that be innovative new ideas, services, new products, projects or the basics in building a dream home.
Higher quality can often be achieve with timber frame than that of other construction methods. Bear in mind that with a visible frame, the less wood that’s on show, the more contemporary the room will feel. Contact us to chat through your ideas, visit our show barn, or continue getting inspired by our past timber frame projects! These are the best Black Friday home deals for Tuesday 24th November – House of Fraser, eBay, MADE.com (and more) sales are officially live.
Find out all you need to know about the practicalities of extending a house, including costing, planning and design in our essential guide. The majority of thermoplastic membranes include reinforcement like fibreglass or polyester, giving them increased strength and stability. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The waterproofing membrane is designed to prevent water from entering the building. In the case of a flat roof extension, the height of the highest point of the roof must not exceed the parapet or eaves of the existing roof. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Traditionally new and old walls were jointed by a method called, If the appearance of the new wall relative to the existing is important, the most appropriate method is, However the simplest method is to use a proprietary, On the drawing board: Co Cork seaside home, Ep 7 – Co Down project with main contractor, Ep 6 – NZEB: New building regulations’ impact on your self-build, Ep 5 – County Tipp’s Dan and Jessica Tynan on going direct labour with their self-build, Ep 4 – Getting paid for exported electricity, Mixed messages from coronavirus self-build guides, VIDEO – Design: Planning and other statutory approvals, VIDEO – Design: Choosing windows and doors. In fact this is probably the best choice for your build because it will be relatively lightweight and be more easily carried by the ground floor and the foundations. Timber is a readily available and easily adapted construction material ideal for building extensions that's cost-effective, too.

If the appearance of the new wall relative to the existing is important, the most appropriate method is block bonding. You may not get the same level of sound insulation with timber frame structures as you would with concrete or masonry. It is a recyclable material which requires minimal maintenance. Work inside your timber frame structure can be started as soon as the frame is up and be executed at the same time – or even before – the outside walls are finished. Also, with regard to the maximum height allowed for a wall or fence along a road which doesn’t need planning consent this is 1m (NI) and 1.2m (ROI). An intensive green roof is much heavier and makes an ideal roof garden. When connecting your extension to your existing house there are a number of major areas to get right. If you think that this is ever likely to be a future requirement, we recommend that you discuss this with us at the earliest possible stage; preferably before you finalise your planning application drawings. This is the second article in a series of four, designed to highlight potential problems and guide you through the process of building an extension, where there are surrounding properties. Please note to submit the form you will need to tick "I agree for my data to be used and stored as set out in the terms and conditions" above. Green roofs must have a layer of waterproofing to protect the structure underneath, drainage and aeration layer to control moisture and a growing layer.

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