Sigh. I looked down and saw Pete standing there. For example, we have to be careful with giving Ivermectin to Collie type breeds. At this point, the technician very wisely left and got Dr. M. I have a feeling she told him that his new, bright young veterinarian was arguing with a crazy woman about who really talked to a dead saint. On top of all of that, they also deal with rude clients and grumpy doctors. I have felt the most sorrow and anger in dealing with owners that absolutely refuse to euthanize their pet, and instead watch it slowly and painfully fade away to skin and bones. This is direct feline language for “STOP RIGHT NOW I AM BEING OVERSTIMULATED!”  We dumb humans just don’t pick up on this and continue petting the poor cat until she has no choice but to bite us. I even had a cat die after I neutered it. If you buy or adopt a pet that you do not have the money to spay or neuter, don’t accuse us of being money grubbing thieves when you can’t come up with money to do an emergency spay or to treat your dog that has been hit by a car because he was not neutered and was roaming around the neighborhood. I have to admit I was very proud of myself for so quickly and competently making a diagnosis, and explaining it to her in such an awesomely clear, compassionate manner. To have to share the sadness of another ones family member passing away I can imagine weighs heavy on the sole. There are numerous other resources that your veterinarian can provide to help you through this process. If you have had the misfortune of dealing with one of these vets, I am sorry and shame on them. Vaccinology is a science. I just wish more people understood what this profession is like. I know that many days we are lucky if we have time to cram down a Del Taco burrito and slurp a Diet Coke, but I personally have found that when I force myself to take care of me, I am in a much better space to handle the tougher parts of my job. The very social media sites that contributed to her death celebrated. I want every single one of my patients to live long and happy lives. I also learned to try to keep compassion and understanding at the forefront of all of my client interactions. Our hardworking staff has the right to make a living. You will make mistakes. Read. I dreaded going to work. That sounds pretty decent, but consider that many vet students have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to pay off. JUST PUT THE BOTTLE DOWN AND SCHEDULE A DENTAL CLEANING FOR YOUR POOR PET ALREADY. There must be an understanding regarding maternal immunity, host response, vaccine storage, appropriate vaccine intervals and risk assessment. I am careful to try and differentiate a cat with asthma and a cat with heart disease. When they ride in the car with us it is often a very unpleasant experience for all involved. Here’s the thing though….we all have messed up. This is a worthy, noble profession to go into. You are agreeing that at the very least you will provide basic veterinary care for your new family member. Veterinarians have the right to make a living. I hope some of those suggestions help. It is not terribly uncommon that a client will be snide or rude to a technician, only to be full of praise and fawning when the veterinarian walks into the room. They don’t want to spend any money on diagnostics or treatment because it is “just a cat.”  While this certainly also happens with dogs, it is far more common with my feline patients. For example, if I was making this list for my cat, Tommy, I would write the following: Eat. If you are confused about the reference, watch “Signs” starring Mel Gibson. I diagnosed her with end stage kidney failure, and discussed the options with the owner. I tell owners to trust themselves because their instincts are almost always right. I have been a veterinarian for 8 years, and I have one scar from a dog bite. There are good days, great days, quiet days and no-time-for-the-toilet busy days. Ultimately the hate, vitriol, and poison were too much for the veterinarian to bear. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. I glared at her a bit, puffed myself up and told her that it couldn’t possibly be parvo, because the dog didn’t have diarrhea! I would like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to veterinary technicians. More often than not they are relying on anecdotal evidence that has been blown up in breeding circles and message boards. Remember that we veterinarians are solemn and serious about euthanizing animals. I thought he was strange, and weird, and was not sure why on earth I adopted him. They have brought me lunch when I didn’t get one, boosted my confidence after a screw up, and consoled me when I felt like everything I touched was dying. We know the power that our knowledge and experience wields, and we don’t ever want to have owners feel pressured into making such a crucial choice. Take a vacation, even if you don’t think you should. I allowed myself to get angry and irrational, instead of asking myself how this poor woman was feeling in the situation.

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