This incentivizes people to follow you and stay interested in what you have to offer. 1. Allowing for direct mailing coupons using customer data is a way to reach individuals even when they are offline. For the price of a steak dinner, Morton’s garnered tons of publicity for this smart social media restaurant promotion. Upon request, the hottest peppers known to man were placed on a single slice of a pizza pie. Announce new menu changes to food and beverages. Book a table now SUPER FRIDAY DEAL!! Promotions can be traditional, such … So give restaurant holiday promotions a try and see how to make a slow restaurant busy. Hashtags increase your reach and business growth on social media, leading to a successful social media campaign overall. Requesting reviews in email newsletters is one way to garner more traffic to your website while allowing satisfied guests and loyal customers the ability to share the experiences they have had in their own words to the world. There are almost 300 million posts on Instagram alone with the hashtag #food, over 23 million with the hashtag #drink, and over 20 million with the hashtag #restaurant, so it’s no secret that people love food and they love to post about it, which is why social media is one of the best platforms for promoting your restaurant! Collectively, our clients post more than $200 billion, span all 6 inhabited continents and 100+ countries, with locations totaling tens of thousands. There are numerous ways to build your restaurant’s email marketing contact list to boost sales, traffic, and popularity of your location. Using services such as OpenTable is a way to allow guests to sign-up and reserve a spot at your restaurant. Another one of our fun restaurant promotion ideas is utilizing hashtags in your posts on Instagram and Twitter, which allows people to find your social media accounts. Marketing vs. We have helped restaurant companies around the world drive revenues, increase profits, and enhance the guest experience through improved marketing, messaging, and menu engineering. (This is another great way to cross-promote your other social media accounts. Their goal was to get a photo of the restaurant in a local paper. By interacting with your audience like what we did for our client can help convert these interested followers into your actual customers! In conjunction with their cup manufacturer, Tim Horton’s launched their “Roll Up the Rim” campaign where guests can win prizes ranging from donuts to cars by finding a message hidden under the rim of their coffee cup. Posting engaging content will help you reach large numbers of restaurant goers in your area for a minimal cost. The special can run for the month of December or for as many days as you choose. And in my book, that’s helluva publicity. Allowing patrons to meet those who help manage and run your restaurant day in and day out showcases that you are down to Earth and truly care about the entire dining experience you provide at all times. Tatango Inc. If a customer is promoting your restaurant, this is equivalent to them giving you a, Have a single point of interest in the photo, Play around with and learn your camera settings (even with a smartphone), Use unique hashtags on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Another one of our fun restaurant promotion ideas is, Hashtags increase your reach and business growth on social media, leading to a successful social media campaign overall. Proven Tips to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach, The Easiest Way To Build Brand Awareness Today, The 6 Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business in 2021. Once you have a better understanding of what information you need to provide (e.g. Birthday emails are a must-have to truly stand out amongst competition while greatly boosting customer loyalty. Invite them to try out the low fat, vegan dishes or to host different types of events at your restaurant. You can read more about it here. Share details about your restaurant’s founding, celebrations, and even cooking tips for those at home (especially reheating tips or chef’s specials). We use cookies to serve personalized content and targeted advertisements to you, which gives you a better browsing experience and lets us analyze site traffic. With the advent of the Internet and a customer base who cannot remember a time before Google, restaurants are learning that they need restaurant promotions that do more than get guests in their doors, they need more than a nice atmosphere and great food. As easily assumed, a reach campaign simply shows your ad to the maximum number of people. Be sure to test all email templates prior to mass sending to those on your contact list. Events like this one can result cost-effective for promoting a restaurant specially to students and a young audience. “Show this text for _____  when you spend more than _____. Make sure to use local hashtags as well, so that your posts show up in your geographical area. Sales: Which One Should I Choose? If so, you may already know from experience that you need fun restaurant promotion ideas to bring new customers in and keep the old ones coming back for more! 2. This was the beginning of a series of unique restaurant promotion ideas the brand leveraged in the next decade.

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