Your parents, teachers, counselors… they all chose their paths. The theory of statistics is very math heavy. I have another point of view.

More importantly, life is not a snapshot. They are good at drawing maps, making charts, and working with formulas.

Very few people with math degrees go on to be “mathematicians” per se, but the great thing about this degree is that if you want to work in a quantitative field after you graduate from college, a math major gives you many diverse options. “Nope.” I asked him if he knew what he might like to do with that major. I’ve always done decent in math and I’m on to Calc 3 now, so I think i can say that I know that I like it.

Next, learn more about this college major such as What Types of Skills Are Best for a Math Major? With so many options, choosing your major is hard.

Thus, even if you consider yourself a “good” math student in school, you’ll want to be sure you can do well in any math course, not just in a particular subject area like calculus. I ended up picking Charmander because flames are cool, and promptly got my face stomped in when I faced Brock for the first time. Wear shirts, drink from mugs, and have even more of our eternal gratitude. Now, if you see a person doing this major, what would you expect to see them doing in their free time? They are good at drawing maps, making charts, and working with formulas. Right now my options seem to be trying engineering, electrical specifically, if I don’t like it maybe some I’ll go the statistics route or the applied mathematics route i don’t really know.

If you’re going to college as an “undecided” student, I urge you to seek out as much experience as you can gain right away. 10 Dumb Mistakes Students Make When Choosing A Major. If you’re willing to take the time to be successful in the major, it can definitely be the right track for you. I haven’t taken any proof based classes but the few times we have gone over proofs for something it’s kind of interesting, but it’s definitely harder and a little more frustrating. Academics simply aren’t like the real world. I don’t think we have to take that many CS classes so it’s definitely an option. They like to solve problems and find answers. Take this quiz and find out which path should be yours! It means turning your attention to a more promising opportunity. I feel like if I could get a hybrid of heavy math and business, that would be ideal, and actuarial science is the closest thing to it but I don’t necessarily want to become an actuary. For example, actuaries make a median salary of $70,000, and operations research analyst managers have a median salary of $146,000. You’re investing years of your time and a lot of money to go to college; you should at least have some inkling of what you’re getting yourself into when you choose your major.

We have a compulsion to rebel against the paths of previous generations – paths that focus on hard work and job stability – in search of “fulfilling careers” that are full of interesting duties, zero boredom, perfect work schedules, stimulating conversation… in short, 100% all-the-time fun.

I hope this video will help you sort some things out! The longer you hold off on choosing, the longer it’ll be before you can do that work – get past that initial slog – and start building up the interest and enjoyment that comes from skill. There's not much advanced math used in accounting. I'm interested in filmmaking and media production.

He makes clear that the final decision is his, not his counselors’.”. I enjoy learning about different parts of the world. I was born to be on stage, or at least work behind the curtain.

I had never been on the internet, and therefore, had no idea what my choice would bring me.

While I didn’t change my major, I did make sure to work even harder to gain new experience in other areas.

Since math majors enjoy many of the employment opportunities which are available to professional majors, deciding whether to major in mathematics is very personal. I'm interested in intellectual ideas, including those that are shaped by religious beliefs. Last I checked, my alma mater offered over 100 majors. Don’t choose your major based solely on a romanticized image. That's awesome that your math classmates are friendly and collaborative.

As Daniel Kahneman points out in Thinking, Fast and Slow: “The sunk-cost fallacy keeps people for too long in poor jobs, unhappy marriages, and unpromising research projects.”. They like to come up with new ideas and start new things. I think you might find it enlightening to see applied calculus. Along the way, there were any number of opportunities they missed, technologies and programs that didn’t exist yet, effort they didn’t choose to put in.

Had I not done the internship early on, I might have graduated without knowing that I wouldn’t enjoy my career path.

They are great with people because they are open and friendly, and they care about others.

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