He was wed to Tekolin's daughter Araen, who tragically died in childbirth nine months later, and the baby not long after; Zar blamed himself, believing he was genetically incapable of producing children despite Dr. McCoy's later statements to the contrary. [3], Fang Zar was replaced in the Imperial Senate by Gebnerret Vibrion, a Ghorman native. However, Palpatine's aides and allies kept close watch on the aged Senator. There are other good books, but these are GREAT! Treasured childhood memories of reading this in my beanbag in my room over a few winter afternoons & evenings in New Hampshire. 1.69 meters[1] Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 24, 2015, Book focused on a child Spock had (a sequel to the episode "All Our Yesterdays). To that end, Garrulan contacted the crew of the freighter Drunk Dancer to discreetly smuggle Zar off Alderaan. Despite his enthusiasm to meet his father, Zar experienced a difficult adjustment period onboard the Enterprise, due to Spock's distant attitude towards him; Spock particularly insisted that he be addressed by his name, as he considered being called "father" by a person he deemed a stranger to be inappropriate. [6], In the last days of the Clone Wars, Zar focused on bringing the conflict to a peaceful resolution, pushing for the Republic to open negotiations with Count Dooku's Confederacy. Roan Shryne aided the mortally wounded Zar onto the Drunk Dancer, which quickly fled Alderaan. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Zar?oldid=2422171. Biographical information Please try again. His death served as a reminder to other Senators that dissent would not be tolerated in the New Order and that the power lay with the Emperor. Over the next seven years, Zar continued to live alone on Sarpeidon and had little or no contact with other beings until around 2737 BC, when while hunting, Zar detected the presence of three people that had arrived in the area. The damage to major blood vessels inflicted by Vader's lightsaber was too extensive to repair, and Zar died on the operating table. Organa and Mothma expressed their concerns about the path the Supreme Chancellor was leading the Republic down and began to hint at actions they were prepared to take. Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2013. Armand Isard, the Director of the Senate Bureau of Intelligence and an ally of Palpatine's, was informed by a member of his staff of the group's meeting and dispatched a contingent of clone shock troopers to interrupt the proceedings. (VOY: Lebe flott und in Frieden). Bail Organa, unaware that Zar had illegally left Coruscant, allowed the former Senator to stay in Aldera Palace for several weeks. Shortly after the Battle of Coruscant, Zar accompanied other members of the Delegation to present the Petition of 2000 to Palpatine in the hope that the Supreme Chancellor would begin to relinquish some of the powers granted to him by the constitutional amendments. Eventually, USS Voyager caught up with the three and captured them, returning everything they had stolen. This book combined elements of two of my favorite Star Trek TOS episodes "The City on the Edge of Forever" and "All Our Yesterdays" into a clever tale of time travel and the possible effects that changing the past might have on the future. Over a decade earlier, the Republic Group had stolen the Insignia of Unity, the symbol of the Republic, from the Senate Rotunda while it underwent heavy renovations. [6], However, Zar and the Republic Group's plan never came to fruition. There was a problem loading your book clubs. Rather than risk his being captured in another attempt to bring down the shield, Spock nerve-pinches Zar into unconsciousness, and he and Kirk are taken into custody by Tal and tortured for information. Brown[5] Der Filmstart läutete die Feierlichkeiten d… Zar volunteered to help his father bring down the force field, as his telepathic abilities allowed him to sense others even if he could not see them. When he came to he experienced premonitions that something had happened to his mother, and immediately headed back to her. He was soon captured by the people and discovered that the telepath was his father, and he was accompanied by Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy. The Rise of Clovis, Crisis at the Heart, Voices–class. The Senate believed that Zar had committed sedition on Coruscant and had fled to Alderaan to inspire rebellion against the Empire. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. So he encased her body in ice to preserve her. [1], Fang Zar was first mentioned in Republic HoloNet News Core Edition 15:3:02, featured in Star Wars Insider 75. With the help of the Vulcan leader T'Pau, Spock gets permission to use the Guardian of Forever, a portal through time constructed by a long-vanished race, to venture into the past. Then when I heard recently that she had died, the first thing I thought of was this book, and I had to read it again and see if it was still as good as I remembered. Francis Guinan. Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2019. Something went wrong. The crew of the freighter Drunk Dancer undertook the mission to transport Zar and was successful in recovering the former Senator from the Royal Palace. It was nicely written with a concentration on the characters instead of on technobabble explanations of how or why events were possible (all of which would have been speculation, anyway). In the midst of aiding the Guardian, Zar also underwent nerve regeneration treatment, developed by the Vulcan healer Sorel and the human doctor Daniel Corrigan nearly two decades earlier to restore his leg and regain his strength for the coming battle.

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